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11/1/21: New two-part manuscript out in the American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology on applying the Transtheoretical Model (aka the "stages of change") to stuttering management among adolescents! In this collaboration between stuttering specialists, behavioral health psychologists, and young people who stutter around the country, we validated new scales to measure adolescents' readiness to manage stuttering.

9/28/21: Undergrad research alumnae Olivia Book and Carly Johnson presented on new research out of the lab on Mental Health Outcomes for People Who Stutter: A Meta-Analysis. Thanks to the UNL UCARE program for supporting undergraduate research, and the International Conference of Undergraduate Research (ICUR) for the opportunity for students to disseminate their work.

8/23/21: Big welcome to five new student researchers in the lab for the Fall 2021 semester! Check out the "People" link to see who's new.

6/20/21: New paper out in the Journal of Communication Disorders titled "Temperament is Linked to Avoidant Responses to Stuttering Anticipation." In collaboration with Dr. Eric Jackson at NYU, we found that kids who stutter who are more shy, and adults who stutter who are more cognitively sensitive, tend to avoid upcoming moments of stuttering.