Susan Kesler Simpson

Susan Kesler SimpsonClothing, textiles and Design

2002, 2006
As a non-traditional, it was working with and enjoying the youth. The classes were wonderful, especially as I got into graduate school. Going back as an adult, you really have a different perspective on education. Everything was exciting, an opportunity and an accomplishment.
We move to PA after graduation. I built upon the weaving class that was part of the curriculum but also a skill that I had always desired to learn. I'm now an author "Overshot Simply". I have one more book to come out in the future, "Shadow Weave Simply" and am working on a contract for a third. I am doing workshops and presentations. My goal is to write about and teach different weave structures in a simplified form that is easier to understand.
My education gave me confidence that I sorely lacked. As stated above, the weaving class that was a part of the curriculum was the beginning for me. I feel that my hard work for the B.S and M.A has given me the credentials that are needed as I present myself to the public
Work hard. Your education is a gift, and opportunity. Have fun, but don't let the fun take away from the learning. And those classes that you think aren't relevant....they are and always look at them as a learning opportunity, not just a class to get through.
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