Tamara Arthaud

Tamara ArthaudPhD: Psychological and Cultural Studies -- Special Education

I enjoyed working with some of the best educators in the field of special education. Working with Dr. Stan Vasa, Dr. Rose Allinder, Dr. Bob Reid, and Dr. Joan Rankin taught me so much. I was able to specialize in curriculum-based measurement, ongoing progress-monitoring procedures, and cognitive strategies instruction in an environment where they guided me to build my level of expertise. They mentored me toward becoming a university professor by facilitating my interests -- this was such a gift, as most doctoral programs require a candidate to work on studies and grants that fit the professors' interests. I learned from the best, and I am grateful for the opportunity they provided.
University Professor of Special Education -- specializing in assessment and strategies instruction for persons with learning disabilities.
Working directly with top researchers in special education built my expertise in the field and prepared me to take a leadership role as a university professor.
For those in the field of special education, be prepared to work hard -- and learn from some of the best!
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