Sheree Moser - Excellence In Teaching


Devoted to developing game-changers

Sheree Moser knows that an education can change your life. It’s not a catch phrase or cliché for her. She’s a living, breathing, actual example.

“I grew up in a rough family. Very non-traditional,” said the assistant professor of practice in the Department of Child, Youth and Family Studies. “I was a horrible student in junior and senior high. I didn’t do my work. I was in trouble all the time. I was not successful.”

Despite falling short of her potential as a student, Moser found her way to college. “I flunked out,” she said. “I took some time to work and tried it again.”

This time it was different. With age came maturity and a desire to succeed. Moser found mentors at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln who encouraged her and told her she could be successful. Along the way, she got married and had her daughter. The combination changed the trajectory of her life.

I realized teaching was something that I needed to do to make a change for families everywhere. I knew I wanted to work with at-risk kids, because I was an at-risk kid. I needed to make a difference for them, because others had a made such a huge difference for me.
Sheree Moser laughs with class during discussion

After earning her degree, Moser began a teaching career—a lifestyle as she describes it—in family and consumer sciences. She taught 19 years at Lincoln High—her “dream job.” There she taught thousands of kids and worked toward that goal of giving back and changing the lives of her students and their families.

Today, her role is preparing new generations of life changers. She relishes the opportunity to help her family and consumer sciences students embrace the lifestyle.

I want my students to be good teachers for the right reason. To me the right reason is the student. What we teach can really change a cycle of violence or a cycle of addiction or a cycle of negative behaviors in families. You can change their whole life.
Sheree Moser and class listening to student presentation

Moser wants her students to “live what we teach” and be great at it. “I want to create an environment where every student knows that I care about them, and I can give them the opportunity to be successful. I want to be ‘that’ teacher—the one that made a difference in their experience.”

In turn, she wants her students to go do the same for their students.

While Moser draws upon her personal passion to make an impact, she’s also a quality hawk. She models what she expects of her students. Instructional framework, lesson planning, methods, strategies and questioning are part of her daily classroom routine. Students experience these essential skills at the same time they’re learning them. Moser hopes that her practical approach will help her students become the kind of game-changers that made the difference for her.

It isn’t just about being a great teacher. I want them to have an influence on their students. It’s helping them have better relationships, healthier children, better careers. It’s everything about being health, happy, productive members of society. That’s what I’m going for.


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