Alexa Yunes-Koch
Alexa Yunes-Koch Ph.D. Program Teaching, Curriculum and Learning

Brief Biography

Alexa Yunes-Koch is a doctoral student in the Department of Teaching, Learning and Teacher Education. She is a Graduate Research Assistant with Dr. Kara Viesca and Dr. Kwame Dawes, working on a variety of research projects around equity in multicultural and multilingual education. She is also a member of Dr. Hideo Suzuki's Brain, Behavior, and Emotion research lab, where she works with neuroimaging and biometric data to understand more about the brain and emotion. Alexa is a co-founder and president of UNL's Racial Justice Alliance.

Outside of UNL, Alexa is the co-founder of Yunes Educational Services, LLC, (Y.E.S.) where she develops bilingual learning resources and delivers workshops for teachers about early literacy, language learning, and the neuroscience of emotions. Alexa has written and illustrated several books for teachers and students through Y.E.S., including the bilingual children’s book, All Our Colors Shine, on celebrating diversity. She earned her M.Ed. in Early Childhood Development, and she taught in K-12 classrooms for 6 years, teaching students across South Texas, China, and Mexico. Alexa was a teacher for the Walt Disney Company’s Learning Division in Shanghai, China.

Research Interests

Alexa's research focus is the practical application of neuroscience in the classroom, particularly as it relates to emotions and emotional regulation for navigating the socioemotional challenges of teaching and learning. Alexa studies teacher stress and how it impacts student-teacher interactions, teachers' perceptions of students, and student success. She is driven by a desire to give teachers research-based tools to cope with the outstanding emotional demands of their profession. As a Mexican immigrant, Alexa also centers racial justice and equity in her work, welcoming any opportunity to interrupt dominant narratives about Mexican and other Latinx and minoritized students.

Publications & Conference Presentations

2019 Presenter at the National Association for Bilingual Education (NABE)

2018 Presenter at the Texas Association for Bilingual Educators (TABE)

2018 Presenter at the Association for Migrant Educators of Texas (AMET)

2018 Presenter at the Harris County Early Childhood Conference (HCECC)

2010 Presenter at the Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA)

Co-authored and self-published 23 teacher-resource books for PreK-5 teachers through Yunes Educational Services, LLC