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Ricardo Martinez

Assistant Professor

Doctorate of Philosophy in Education, Iowa State University, 2020
Masters of Education, Iowa State University, 2015
Bachelor of Science, California State University Bakersfield, 2009

Dr. Ricardo Martinez’s lifework with youth participatory action research (YPAR) works to create mathematical learning experiences that returns the legitimacy of mathematical knowledge creation back to the people.  His research seeks to discover and dismantle root causes that lead people to believe that they are not “math people” by investigating how mathematics can be used to empower students and teachers.  Dr. Martinez runs a summer mathematics and science YPAR program for Black and Latinx youth that allows for the exploration of the relationships formed with mathematics. 

Dr. Martinez begins by acknowledging that mathematics education is problematic and has historically been used to oppress people. Wherein the change needed to address the vast problems in society and in education must begin by centering youth knowledge in constructing intergenerational collectives’ representative of a wide range identities. Mathematics is an opportunity to show the interconnectedness between cultures and histories in creating a shared future.

Areas of Expertise:

    Critical Youth Mathematics Studies
    Youth Participatory Action Research
    Mathematical teaching and learning for/with emergent bilinguals
    Ontology of mathematical learning
    Spiritual Activism