GOLDEN World Language Education Program

Teaching, Learning & Teacher Education: Specialization in World Language Education

  • Degree: Master's of Arts
  • Program Type: Blended
  • Interest: Teaching & Learning
  • Program Type: International

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This area of study, known as GOLDEN (Global Online Language Distance Education Network), supports your growth as a professional educator by encouraging you to build on your classroom experience, further developing your World Language (German, Spanish, or Chinese) proficiency and deepening your understanding of our world's language, culture, and literature through a completely online and customizable option. Although the area of study is online, the complete master’s degree is a blended program, where some classes may be offered only in-residence.

Additionally, you'll engage in conversations about vital teaching and learning issues specific to World Language teaching and learning with fellow World Language colleagues across the country.

Requirements and Who This Program Is For

Applicants should have substantial content knowledge in World Language. Substantial content knowledge may be demonstrated in a variety of ways, including being a current or prospective World Language language educator or university language faculty and/or graduate student AND/OR holding a Bachelor's degree in World Language or its equivalent (OPI Advanced Low Proficiency score).

Fall 2018 Coursework

  • TEAC 922G Teaching Writing in the German Classroom
  • TEAC 922P Assessment in the German Classroom
  • TEAC 922F Teaching Writing in the Spanish Classroom
  • TEAC 922Z Teaching Speaking in the Foreign Language Classroom

Ranked Among The Best

U.S. News and World Report Rankings

2017 U.S. News and World Report rankings place this program 4th on the list of "Best Online Graduate Education Programs."

Tuition & Fees For World Language

Graduate: Application & Admission

Program & Courses

The program draws from a wide range of courses offered within Teaching and Learning, Teacher Education and Modern Languages departments.

The focus is on furthering knowledge and skills in the teaching of World Language through:

  • research-based teaching practices
  • integration of instructional technology
  • continued development of the World Language and culture

Master of Arts Degree, Option III (36 hours)

  • Core Courses (15 credit hours)
  • Other TEAC courses (9 credit hours)
  • Electives (12 credit hours)

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Transfer Credits

Each degree program within the University of Nebraska–Lincoln is responsible for evaluating transfer credit and determining how the credit will apply to your specific degree program.

The evaluation of transfer credit is based on a review of the comparability of the nature, content and level of the learning experience and its appropriateness to the degree program.

If you're interested in transferring credit, you will need to consult with the UNL academic department associated with your major. In most instances, you will be requested to submit the respective course syllabus.

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Recent graduates include:

  • national board certified teachers
  • curriculum developers and coordinators
  • textbook authors
  • members of statewide standards committees
  • contributors to research teams
  • master teachers
  • postsecondary instructors
  • community educators
  • recipients of nation, state, and local educator awards


Online courses are taught by the same award-winning professors and researchers who teach on-campus classes.

Faculty advisers will help you choose courses that will define your personal and career goals while completing your degree.

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