GOLDEN (Global Online Language Distance Education Network) - German Requirements and Application Information

The Global Online Language Distance Education Network is a program housed at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln offering graduate level courses specifically designed for the K-16 German language teacher. The goal of GOLDEN courses is two-fold: to develop classroom teachers’ knowledge in content areas (German culture, literature, and language) and to expand their knowledge of research based practices for teaching German.

All courses are offered online and may be taken either as stand-alone courses or as part of a degree program. There are three ways to participate in GOLDEN:

  1. as an MA degree candidate,
  2. as a GOLDEN Certificate candidate, or
  3. as a non-degree seeking candidate taking individual courses.

In every case, students must be admitted through UNL Graduate Studies (see admissions information below) in order to participate.

The GOLDEN Masters of Arts Degree

The Department of Teaching, Learning, and Teacher Education (TLTE) offers a customizable, fully online Master of Arts degree with a specialization in World Language Education that supports German language teachers’ professional growth and builds upon classroom experience to expand pedagogical and content knowledge and skills. Course participants engage in discussions regarding vital teaching and learning issues specific to the German language classroom with fellow German colleagues from across the country.

GOLDEN MA Course Requirements

The online GOLDEN program is designed to meet German teachers’ unique needs and interests. GOLDEN students work with a faculty advisor to determine a personal program of study. The program draws from a wide range of courses offered within the Teaching, Learning, and Teacher Education (TLTE) and Modern Languages departments. The MA requires 36 hours of course credits with 18 of those designated as graduate only (meaning no 400/800 courses). Up to 18 graduate credit hours may be transferred from other accredited institutions of higher education and applied to the GOLDEN MA, as long as the courses will have been completed within 10 years of the expected graduation date and have not been applied towards any other degree. Transfer credit decisions are made on a case by case basis. Please forward transcripts/transfer questions to Sheri Hurlbut at for transfer credit determinations.

Required courses for all GOLDEN MA candidates are:

  • TEAC 800 Inquiry into Teaching and Learning (3 cr.)
  • TEAC 801 Inquiry into Curriculum (3 cr.)
  • TEAC 889 Capstone Research Project (3 cr.)

In addition to these three 3-credit hour required courses, GOLDEN MA students are to enroll in as many GOLDEN courses as possible. GOLDEN courses are taught in the target language and are specifically designed for language teachers.

Online GOLDEN courses available in German Education include (all are 3 credit hours):

  • Language Assessment in the German Language Classroom
  • Writing in the German Language Classroom
  • Instructional Planning in the German Language Classroom
  • Technology Enhanced Language Instruction for German Teachers
  • TEAC 895 – Selected Topics: Independent Study
  • The Interpretive Mode: Reading, Listening and Viewing in the German Classroom
  • Teaching Culture in the German Classroom
  • Teaching Speaking in the German Classroom
  • Seminar in German Literature: Deutsche Kulturgeschichte
  • Seminar in German Literature: Kinder/Jugendliteratur

To round out the 36 hours required for the GOLDEN MA, students will work with a faculty advisor to choose additional online courses that complement their program of study.

More information regarding the GOLDEN MA can be found at:


The GOLDEN Certificate

The GOLDEN Certificate in World Language Teaching focuses on the pedagogy unique to teaching the German language. It is a good option for teachers in school districts that require professional development at the graduate level in content (language and culture) and language pedagogy courses. The Certificate is awarded upon successful completion of 15 hours of GOLDEN courses (see listing above).

More information regarding the GOLDEN Certificate can be found at here.

Stand-alone GOLDEN Courses: Non-Degree Seeking Students

All GOLDEN courses are available to students interested in taking individual courses without pursuing a degree or certificate. GOLDEN courses may be applied retroactively to a degree or certificate program, should the student decide to pursue either of these options at a later date.


All individuals interested in taking GOLDEN courses, whether through a formal program or simply as a non-degree seeking student, must be admitted to the UNL Graduate College. For more information about the steps to admission, visit the UNL Office of Graduate Studies.

Degree/Certificate Candidates

For those wishing to pursue an MA degree or certificate, find admission procedures here. Applications are due October 1 for a Spring semester admission, and February 15 for the following Fall semester. The degree objective/major is Teaching Learning & Teacher Ed (MA), and the specialization is World Language Teaching. Questions regarding the application process may be directed to Graduate Studies at 402-472-2875 or

The requirements for admission to the degree/certificate program are:

  • required by Graduate Studies
  • online application and fee
  • submission of transcripts
  • verification of English proficiency
  • required by Teaching, Learning and Teacher Education Department
  • undergraduate GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • two letters of recommendation
  • statement explaining interest in the program
  • substantial content knowledge in German (e.g., employment as a language educator, degree in the language, university language faculty and/or graduate student)

Non-Degree candidates

For students interested in taking GOLDEN courses individually, but not in pursuing a degree, the admission procedures are explained on the following website. Follow this link for “Visiting or Intercampus” students.

And for those non-degree students who are in a hurry and need express admission, information can be found here.

Tuition and Fees

Costs for tuition and fees vary based on residency status, so it is best to use the Cost Estimator on the following website to calculate costs for each unique situation.

Contact Us

For more information about the GOLDEN program and its courses, contact:

Sheri Hurlbut, Ph.D.
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Teaching, Learning and Teacher Education
GOLDEN (Global Online Language Distance Education Network), Director
115.1 Henzlik Hall
Lincoln NE 68588-0355

Phone: 402-370-6139