Hadi Pir
Hadi Pir

hadi.pir@huskers.unl.edu Ph.D. Program Teaching, Curriculum and Learning

Brief Biography

Hadi is a first-year doctoral student in the Department of Teaching, Learning, and Teacher Education. He completed his master's degree through the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Department of Teaching Learning and Teacher Education. He holds a bachelor's degree from The University of Mosul, College of Education. Hadi spent five years teaching ELL at Lincoln North Star High School before pursuing his doctoral degree through the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. Hadi also worked seven years for the US Army in Iraq as a translator and cultural advisor. He is a co-founder and vice president of the Yazda NGO. He is also one of the co-founders of the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize winner Nadia Murad's campaign.

Hadi teaches the TEAC 413M: Teaching Multilingual Learners in Content Area Classrooms.

Research Interests

How culture shapes perception
Culture and education

Publications & Conference Presentations

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