Immigrant Education in Global Contexts

Students in Amsterdam, Netherlands, May 2017
Vatican City, Italy, May 2019

Vatican City, Italy, May 2019

London, United Kingdom, May 2016

London, United Kingdom, May 2016

Immigrant Education in Global Contexts: A Study Abroad Initiative M3 INITIATIVE

Immigrant Education in Global Contexts is a study abroad initiative designed for education majors at UNL. Since 2015, elementary and secondary majors have explored how newcomer students are welcomed to school in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, and Italy by visiting schools in those countries during a 10-day trip during UNL’s pre-session. Led by TLTE faculty, UNL teacher learners meet with European teachers to talk about immigrant education, visit newcomer schools and classrooms, compare teacher preparation experiences with European teacher learners, learn basic Dutch and Italian, and visit cultural sites including the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, Rome’s Forum and Coliseum, and Oxford University. Visits have so far included:

Amsterdam: 2014, 2017, and 2020
United Kingdom: 2016 and 2018
Italy: 2015 and 2019

Two primary goals guide the initiative: 1) to deepen CEHS elementary education students’ knowledge of teaching with newcomer students; and 2) broaden elementary education majors’ conceptualization of schooling through international comparative education.

Affiliated Faculty:

Drs. Jenelle Reeves, Stephanie Wessels, and Theresa Catalano


This initiative was funded in part by several the College of Education and Human Sciences’ International Seed Grants.

Dr. Theresa Catalano

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