Teaching in the 21st Century: Local Teachers in a Global Community


New Online M.Ed. Program combines:

  • Teaching for Diversity
  • Technology Integration
  • Assessment
  • Internationalization

To support the development of local teachers as they strive to position their students for an increasingly global community.

Nebraska's flagship institution offers both quality and flexibility in its Online M.Ed., geared for in-service classroom teachers and other working professionals seeking to advance career opportunities and notions of self-efficacy in the field of education. This Online M.Ed. combines the rigors of education courses with the flexibility of online courses, to create a professional experience geared toward supporting, informing, and enriching teaching in schools. Throughout their coursework, students will be encouraged to draw upon their existing expertise in their local education context to inform professional growth toward more globally minded instruction.

Courses will address complexities of teaching in the 21st century - diversity, technology integration, assessment, and the impact of globalization - and students will have opportunities for educational experiences that include unique and enriching study-abroad and domestic international learning experiences. Faculty leading the courses are national leaders in their areas; they will challenge you and bring you the leading edge in education.

Who Should Apply?

This Online M.Ed. is designed for highly motivated educators working in a variety of PreK-16 and community education settings (including professional development, teacher-leadership and advocacy roles) who wish to analyze problems of practice, develop new knowledge, structure experiences, grow practical insight, and become leaders.

M.Ed. Application deadlines are February 15 for a Summer semester start.

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Students will begin their program in May of 2018, following consultation with their faculty advisor to build an individualized Memorandum of Studies that reflects their professional interests while also meeting program requirements. Students will proceed through this program as members of a cohort, supported by faculty who will guide their progress in courses geared toward the improvement of their teaching practice.

All coursework is available at a distance, but students are encouraged to come to campus for a residency period at some point during their program.


TEAC 800 - Teaching and Learning (3 credits)

TEAC 801 - Curriculum Inquiry (3 credits)

TEAC 813M - Teaching English Learners in the content Areas (ELL) (3 credits)

TEAC 833/833A - International experience (educational tour or a domestic comparative experience) (3 credits)

TEAC 849 - Assessment (3 credits)

TEAC 861 - Education for a Pluralistic Society (3 credits)

TEAC 880A - Survey of Instructional Technology (3 credits)

TEAC 888 - Teacher as Scholarly Practitioner (3 credits)

TEAC 889 - Masters Seminar/ Final Masters Project (3 credits)

3 ELECTIVE Courses (9 credits): Students may choose from online courses within the department, college, or university depending on their needs, interests, and professional goals.

For a total of 36 credits

Sequence of Courses

SUMMER 2018 

TEAC 800  

TEAC 861 

FALL 2018 

TEAC 880A or


SPRING 2019 

TEAC 801 

SUMMER 2019 

TEAC 833/833A

TEAC 849 

FALL 2019 

TEAC 880A or


SPRING 2020 


SUMMER 2020 



FALL 2020 

TEAC 888

SPRING 2021 

TEAC 889

For more information contact:

Dr. Elaine Chan, Program Leader
Kate Rask, Graduate Project Associate