Master's Degrees Master of Arts (M.A.), Master of Education (M.Ed.)

Are you an experienced K-12 teacher or an educator working in the community ready to extend your own education to better serve your learners? You have the option of pursuing an MA or an online MEd. Choose a Master's degree in the Department of Teaching, Learning and Teacher Education; build on your existing experience; achieve a broad and deep understanding of educational practice; develop a professional identity; and, engage in informed conversations about important teaching/learning issues. Design a program of study, along with a faculty advisor, that meets your goals, interests, is interdisciplinary, and prepares you for future research and scholarship in education.
All Master's degree options are taught on-campus, with the exception of the MEd (Teaching in the 21st Century program) and the GOLDEN World Language Education MA, which are offered only online.

Master of Arts leading to initial teaching certification

Are you a professional looking to change your career path to become a certified teacher? Choose the Master of Arts degree leading to initial teaching certification (State of Nebraska)  in the Department of Teaching, Learning, and Teacher Education to prepare yourself to become an outstanding educator who is passionate about engaging all students. There are five cohort programs available to graduate students seeking initial teacher certification.


  • K-16 educator
  • Community educator
  • Public advocate for education
  • Educational administration

Application to this program

Applications are due by October 1 for the Spring term and by February 15 for the Fall & Summer terms. 

Minimum requirements for the master's program include:
  • Undergraduate GPA equivalent to 3.0 on a 4.0 scale

  • A good match between your goals and the TLTE’s ability to address those goals

  • A completed application submitted to the UNL Office of Graduate Studies

  • A completed department application submitted through GAMES which includes the following:

  1. Resumé
  2. Three (3) letters of recommendation
  3. Application Essay

*Application Essay. The Graduate Admissions Committee looks closely at the applicant's goals in the application essay for further evidence of your meeting the admissions criteria. A well-written essay is crucial to admissions decisions. This application essay is a concise statement in which you address clearly why you want to pursue graduate studies at the master's level at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. In this essay you should address clearly:

  1. Your academic and/or professional goals and how the master's degree in Teaching, Learning, and Teacher Education will enable you to meet these.
  2. Your academic strengths, with specific attention to your background in higher education and how this qualifies you for graduate study at a major university.
  3. Any professional experience, knowledge, and skills you possess and how these further qualify you for graduate study at a major university.

This statement should be between 700-1000 words.

*Please note that a complete background check may be required upon admission to the program. Many institutions today require a criminal history background check before an individual is allowed to work, volunteer, conduct research or collect data within their facility. CEHS students who are required in their program to go into daycare facilities, schools, hospitals, or other community agencies must complete a background check before CEHS can place them in these facilities.

Only completed application files will be reviewed. Following the review process, you will be informed in writing of the admission decision.


Degree Requirements

M.A. Option I
-- no related courses or minor(s) required. (Option 1 Should be chosen by those who are preparing for careers in research and scholarly work or in college or university teaching.)

  • A minimum of 30 graduate hours is required.

  • Coursework, which includes TEAC 800 and TEAC 801 (3 credits each), must total 24 hours; 18 credit hours must be in TEAC.

  • At least 8 of the 24 hours must be taken in courses open exclusively to graduate students.

  • 6-10 credit hours for thesis TEAC 899 are required.

  • If 2 minors are declared, the major (TEAC) must have at least 15 credit hours.

M.A. Option II -- one or two minors must be declared. (Students who have taken the masters degree under Option II and later elect to continue in graduate work for the degree of doctor of philosophy must give evidence of ability to carry on independent research.)

  • Coursework, which includes TEAC 800, TEAC 801, and TEAC 889 (3 credits each), must total 36 credit hours; 18 credit hours must be in Teaching, Learning and Teacher Education (or 15 if two minors are declared).
  • At least 12 of the 36 hours must be taken in courses open exclusively to graduate students.
  • 9-21 credit hours in minor(s).

M.A. Option III -- no minor required. (The masters degree under Option III is designed especially for the student who plans to continue scholarly work in a chosen field past the masters level.) 

  • Coursework must total 36 graduate hours.
  • 18 credit hours must be taken in TEAC and must include TEAC 800, TEAC 801 and *TEAC 889 (3 credits each).
  • At least 18 of the 36 hours must be taken in courses open exclusively to graduate students.

Delivery modes: We offer both on-campus and online courses. Please be aware, however, of the following:

  • Although some online course are available, not all coursework is available through distance technologies.

  • Not all areas of study can support distance students.

  • It is critical that students plan proposed coursework with their assigned faculty advisor's support and approval.