Secondary Education (7-12) Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

We offer an internationally recognized Secondary Teacher Education Program. Students enrolled in this program earn a Bachelor of Science in Education with certification to teach in grades 7-12. This is an on-campus degree program for students who have a strong desire to teach and advance disciplinary knowledge in specific content areas.

In the Secondary Teacher Education Program, students

  • Receive professional mentoring from content area experts who can transform disciplinary passions into teaching expertise,
  • Experience the challenges and complexities of teaching and learn to make practical use of sound educational theory, 
  • Become educational leaders who are prepared to work with diverse learners, schools, and communities,
  • Build meaningful links between previous learning experiences and learning environments,
  • Build upon the “pedagogical content knowledge” gained in university classrooms by implementing it in the secondary school learning environment,
  • Exemplify the relationship between theory and practice field experiences taken in conjunction with education courses,
  • Develop cutting-edge practices guided by experts in the field in blending education theory, sound research practice, and practical teaching experience,
  • Learn to teach confidently and provide educational leadership in schools and communities during the student teaching semester.

There are six endorsement areas for you to choose from in Secondary Education:

Business, Marketing, and Information Education

English / Language Arts

World Languages



Social Sciences


  • Middle or high school teacher
  • Community-based youth educator
  • Business or corporate youth educator
  • Youth coach

Application to this program

Entry to the Secondary Teacher Education Program is selective. You will work closely with your Student Services Center adviser to plan a program of study. You will be ready to apply for admission when you have finished your pre-professional coursework, generally in your third year.

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Sample 4-Year Plan