Teachers of Color 2nd Annual Summit

Teachers of Color Summit

Teachers of Color 2nd Annual Summit M3 INITIATIVE

On Friday and Saturday May 6 and 7, 2022, we held our 2nd Annual Teachers of Color Summit (and first in-person event) to continue to build a professional network of dedicated educators from across Nebraska and share our best ideas for meeting the needs of Nebraska’s diverse students. The event featured keynote speakers Dr. Socorro Herrera (see photos) who gave a public talk followed by a reception on Friday night as well as the keynote talk on Saturday, and Mar’Lakuittia Overstreet, local teacher, activist, and advocate for teachers of color.

The summit included a panel with the Youth Equity Cadre from Lincoln Public Schools (led by Pete Furguson) and a session of Theatre of the Oppressed led by retired UNO Professor Doug Paterson. Two separate roundtable sessions included topics such as Recruitment and Retention of Students and Teachers of Color; Microaggressions and Students of Color; Strategies for Supporting and Advocating for Students/Teachers of Color; Self-Care/Mental Health Care While Working in Predominantly White Spaces; Black Women, Discipline, and White Students; Teaching about “Hard Topics:” Controversial Issues in Predominantly White (and Conservative) Schools, and other topics.


Teachers of Color/allies of Teachers of Color in Nebraska, Future Teachers of Color, TLTE and CEHS graduate students, and undergraduate students, faculty and staff

Teachers of Color Summit Committee Members:

Theresa Catalano, Tricia Gray, Lydiah Kiramba, Ricardo Martinez, Amanda Morales, John Raible, Joelle Tangen, Guy Trainin and Loukia Sarroub

Roundtable Facilitators

Consuelo Gallardo, Uma Ganesan, Lydiah Kiramba, Dahlia Lloyd, Inoussa Malgoubri, Megan Cardwell, Alexa Koch-Yunes, Ricardo Martinez, Héctor Palala, John Raible, Madhur Shende, and Kara Viesca


Department of Teaching, Learning and Teacher Education, College of Education and Human Sciences, Nebraska State Education Association (NSEA), UNL’s Racial Justice Alliance (RJA)