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Facilitating with Code.org

Applications closed on January 31
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Accepting 1 new CSD & 1 new CSP facilitators!

  • We currently do not host any in-person workshops in the western region (blue circle) because we do not have enough facilitators.
  • Why do we need more facilitators?

    We currently do not have enough facilitators to host in-person workshops in the western region of the state (the blue circle area on the map). All of our in-person workshops are held in the Lincoln/Omaha areas (the yellow circle area on the map) for this school year. Having 1 new CSD and 1 new CSP facilitators can allow us to host in-person workshops in both the western (blue circle) and the eastern (yellow circle) regions.

    Why do we want to host workshops in the western region?

    There are enough demands for CSD and CSP workshops in the western region. Currently, the teachers participating in the CSD and CSP professional learning programs from the western region have to drive hours to get to the workshops. For that reason, we did not actively recruit teachers from the western region last year. The additional facilitators means workshops in the western region and much less driving for the participants in the western region.

Applications are closed

Facilitating with Code.org

  • Attend 2019-2020 Facilitator Development to prepare for the 2019-2020 facilitation

    • Local summer workshop: This is a 5-day Code.org workshop held in summer in Lincoln, NE.
    • Facilitator-in-Training Workshop: This is a 2-day weekend workshop hosted by Code.org.
    • Spring Local Leads Training: This is a 2-3 day workshop to prepare to run a local week-long CS Discoveries or CS Principles workshop in Nebraska.
  • Provide in-person facilitation services for Workshops in Nebraska

    • Quarterly 1-day workshops: Work with UNL Tech EDGE and co-facilitator(s) to plan and lead at least four 1-day, in-person workshops for local teachers in the region for the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 school years.
    • Week-long summer workshop: Run a week-long CS Discoveries or CS Principles workshop in Nebraska for new teachers teaching CS Discoveries or CS Principles in the 2020-2021 school year.
  • Complete all facilitation duties, which may include but are not limited to:

    • Prep for Workshops with co-facilitator, UNL Tech EDGE and Code.org team as needed.
    • Lead Workshop sessions on each facilitated day.
    • Willingness to give and receive feedback in a collaborative working environment
  • On day of event, monitor on-site event logistics

    • Room and audio/visual setup and takedown.
    • Distributing Workshop supplies and Internet access details to attendees.
    • Taking attendance.
    • Delivering announcement and updates on behalf of Code.org or the regional partner (UNL).
  • Compensation

    • Facilitators are paid competitively for meeting program commitments - e.g., successfully completing the Facilitator training and the facilitation duties.
    • All costs associated with attending the Facilitator training and completing the facilitation duties will be covered by Code.org.
    • All facilitation duties will be compensated by Code.org.
  • Teacher recruitment

    • Work with the regional partner (UNL) to promote and advocate the CSD & CSP professional learning programs.

Qualities of a Code.org Facilitator

  • Champion for CS Education

    • Enthusiastic supporter of K-12 CS education
    Champion of CS Education
  • Equity-Focused

    • Committed to supporting access to quality CS education for all students
    • Believes all teachers can teach CS
  • Growth-Minded

    • Strong desire and commitment to develop as a facilitator and leader within the CS education community
    • Demonstrated self-awareness of skills and experiences in which they can improve as a facilitator
    • Willingness to give and receive feedback in a collaborative working environment
  • Classroom Experience and Knowledgeable about Content

    • Prior or current teaching experience
    • Strong background in curriculum focus area, preferably through past teaching experience with specific course
    • High level of comfort with technology, including virtual meeting tools and experience with Google suite
    Classroom experience and content knowledge
  • Engaging Leader

    • Demonstrated empathy for learners with a variety of backgrounds and levels of experience
    • Ability to "think on your feet" and make decisions that are in the best interest of the audience while maintaining fidelity to the program
    • Motivated self-starter
    Engaging leader
  • Additional Qualities (preferred)

    • Demonstrated ability to effectively engage and co-lead learning experiences for adults
    • Prior experience as a Code.org facilitator for a different Code.org course
    Additional qualities