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Computer Science Professional Learning Programs for K-5 Teachers!

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Bring Code.org's CS Fundamentals Workshop to Your Area!

At No Cost to You, Your School, or District!

  • Find CS Fundamentals Training in Your Region

    If you want to teach computer science or need training to teach Code.org's CS Fundamentals course at your school, use the map on this page to find the next upcoming CS Fundamentals workshop in your region. Because CS Fundamentals courses can be implemented at any point in the school year, workshops are available year round!
    Some of the workshops on the map may be virtual. For virtual workshops, locations will not matter. If you find a virtual workshop you want to attend far from where you are (even outside Nebraska), go ahead and sign up!
  • Can't Find a Workshop Near You?

    If you can’t find a workshop at a convenient date or location, contact us and we can organize a CS Fundamentals workshop in your region when we have enough interests.
    If you would like to coordinate a workshop with us for your school or district, please email us (Koichi Sato, program manager | sw-ksato2@unl.edu).
    If you are interested as an individual, please fill out our interest form below and let us know that you would like to attend our CS Fundamentals workshop.
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  • Worried about the Cost?

    Our CS Fundamentals workshops are offered at no cost to you or your school/district.

    What we cover:
    • All the workshop supplies and swag
    • Lunch and snacks (for in-person workshops)
    • 7 hours of hands-on training
    • Payments to facilitators
    What we don't cover:
    • Travel and parking (for in-person workshops)
    • Teacher stipends and substitutes payments
    • Venue rental* (for in-person workshops)

    *If local schools, universities, districts and ESUs cannot provide spaces free of charge.

Professional Learning at a Glance

Designed for both first-time and experienced CS teachers!

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  • What Will You Receive?

    Curriculum, Tools, Training & Support

    NOTE All of Code.org's curricula and instructional tools are made available digitally and for free to anyone who wants to use them. No participation in professional learning is required to use them.

    PL training at a glance
  • Curriculum

    Code.org's curriculum is a comprehensive package that includes a curriculum guide and all the instructional materials that you need to teach the course.

    Curriculum Guide
    This booklet contains all of the guidebooks - i.e., getting started, curriculum, implementation, debugging, assessment, differentiation, and more.
    Daily lesson plans & teaching materials
    Detailed daily lesson plans for the entire curriculum with all the teaching materials such as slide decks, worksheets, exemplars, project guides, rubrics, sample marked rubrics, and more, which are built into Code.org's online platform/LMS (CodeStudio).
    Activity Guides
    All the worksheets and handouts that accompany the lesson plans. Student versions and teacher versions with exemplars.
    Videos are used to break down and illustrate difficult concepts and to illustrate how to perform coding and other tasks.

    You can access the course materials through this curriculum page.

  • Tools

    All the tools you need to teach the course are built into Code.org's online platform (CodeStudio). An entire curriculum and all the materials and resources are also built into it.

    Code Studio
    Code Studio is an online platform and learning management system, which integrates an entire curriculum, materials and resources, learning activities, assessments and feedback features. You can set up classes and enroll students manually or it can easily integrate with other LMSs such as Google Classroom. It also supports pair programming and student portfolios.
    Students can practice coding and work on a variety of projects through online labs built into Code Studio - i.e., App Lab, Game Lab, Web Lab, Play Lab, Artist, and more.
  • Training

    • Virtual CSF promo video
    • Virtual CSF promo video
    • Virtual CSF promo video

    In our one day or two half-days training, you will receive approximately 7 hours of hands-on training on the curriculum.

    Delivery options
    Our training can be offered as either in-person or virtual (Zoom) depending on the local needs. It can either be one day training (6-7 hours) or two half-days (3-3.5 hours each day).
    Tailored to meet local needs
    Dates and times, delivery method and location, and focus of training can be tailored to meet your local needs.
    Our training features...
    Our focus is to provide a thorough overview of the Code.org curriculum. We do this by working through several key CS concepts in many of the courses.
    You will have the opportunity to participate in and discuss lessons in multiple grade bands/courses so that you can start to appreciate the scaffolding of the lessons and understand the importance of the curriculum.
    We provide opportunities to do several unplugged lessons, work through corresponding online puzzles, discuss the importance of pair programming and other problem solving strategies, and allow several debrief/questioning moments throughout the training.
  • Support

    There will be an ongoing support as you implement the course and lessons.

    Code.org's online forums
    You can post questions and collaborate with other teachers across the US and the world.
    Facilitators can assist with issues, concerns and questions remotely even after the workshop.
    Active support community of CS educators
    You will be part of our larger community of CS educators who have gone through our training since 2018. You will have chances to connect with them to address your unique needs.

Our Facilitators

Meet our Code.org certified and trained CSF facilitators!

  • Jason Rushing Jason Rushing is a current elementary Computer Science teacher in Lincoln Public Schools. He holds a Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction with a focus on Instructional Technology. During his 25 years in education, he has served as technology integration specialist, elementary technology leader, and one of two lead teachers for elementary Computer Science. He helped design and implement the K-5 Computer Science curriculum for Lincoln Public Schools in which the Code.org curriculum was used as the foundation. He has led professional development workshops for educators at the local, state, and national levels.
    A picture of Jason Rusching
  • Susan Prabulos I am a K-5 Computer Science Teacher at Meadow Lane Elementary School in Lincoln, Nebraska. I’m PASSIONATE about students and teachers using TECHNOLOGY for LEARNING and CREATIVITY. I work daily with elementary students, teachers, and administrators to facilitate technology learning. I was honored to serve on the Nebraska Educational Technology Association board for 6 years. I've presented numerous times at the NETA conference, FETC, and for district staff.
    A picture of Susan Prabulos

Other Program Features

  • ISTE Membership Discount

    ISTE offers membership exclusively to Code.org teachers at the special price of $65 — includes a FREE print copy of the ISTE book No Fear Coding ($49 retail value). You can also get Empowered Learner, their print and online magazine for members covering the most important topics in EdTech. It’s filled with practical resources and inspiring feature articles ($49 retail value).
  • Code.org Swag Bag

    a picture of the swag bag and its contents
    You will receive a swag bag with a printed Curriculum Guide, a Code.org journal notebook, a pack of 50 stickers, a pen, and a pack of 6 posters.
    You will also receive a completion certificate at the end of the training.

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