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Computer Science Professional Learning Programs for K-5 Teachers!

Designed for teachers in all subject areas!
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Bringing 1-Day Computer Science Workshops to Your Areas at No Cost to You, Your School, or District!

  • New to computer science? No worries! Here's why & how!

    Become a CS Teacher video
    Become A Computer Science Teacher (1:40)
    CSF inspire video
    Kids-tested, Teacher-approved (3:47)

    Curriculum is accessible to first-time teachers & experienced teachers!

    If you didn't have any background knowledge of computer technology, computer science, whatever the case may be, you can successfully teach these courses.

    CSF courses
    For the complete information about the curriculum, visit the Code.org website!

    Professional learning program that prepares you to implement Code.org's CS Fundamentals curriculum in your classroom!

    PL Programs at a glance
  • We can offer schools/districts a 'menu' of options!

    All-in approach
    2-day program for all K-5 teachers
    All-in approach

    All interested K-5 teachers attend the Intro workshop followed by the Deep Dive workshop (should be spaced at least 1 month from Intro).

    Catch-up approach
    2 workshops for 2 different levels/audiences
    Catch-up approach

    Interested teachers new to CS attend only the Intro workshop. Interested teachers who have been teaching CS Fundamentals attend only the Deep Dive workshop.

    Level-up approach
    For schools with existing CS initiatives
    Level-up approach

    Schools with existing CS initiatives (i.e., your teachers are experienced in teaching CS or CS Fundamentals) send teachers to only the Deep Dive workshop.

    Learn-more approach
    If want the basics but can’t commit to 2 days
    Learn-more approach

    Schools that want the basics, but cannot commit to the follow-on Deep Dive workshop send the teachers to the Intro workshop only.

    Add-on approach
    Packaging multiple programs, including CSF, for districts
    Add-on approach

    Partner packages multiple programs, including CSF, for districts. Examples: one-day Intro workshop followed by one-day robotics/physical computing workshop.

    Contact us if you are interested in us hosting CS Fundamentals workshops in your area!

    If you, your school, or your district are interested in us hosting CS Fundamentals workshops in your area, please contact us (Koichi Sato | sw-ksato2@unl.edu) or fill out the inquiry form below. We look forward to working with you to make it happen!

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CSF Program Overview

  • What you'll get from this workshop

    • In-person instruction from an experienced computer science facilitator
    • An intro to computer science and pedagogy
    • An overview of the online curriculum and teacher dashboard
    • A printed curriculum guide containing course lesson plans
    • Strategies for teaching "unplugged" classroom activities
    • A certificate of completion
    • A bag of Code.org swag!
    What you will get from this workshop
  • Curriculum, lesson plans, tools & support at no cost to you!

    • Comprehensive curriculum & curriculum guide
    • Curriculum, lesson plans, tools & support - all built into the online platform
    • All the Code.org materials are provided at no cost to you.
    • Browse the full course catalog.
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  • Can't attend an in-person workshop? How about the self-paced online training to get started?

    Code.org offers free, self-paced online courses for teachers who wish to implement computer science curriculum in their classrooms.

    Self-paced training
  • Join the online forums to connect with other teachers for support, teaching tips, and best practices!

    Online forum
  • ISTE membership discount

    ISTE offers membership exclusively to Code.org teachers at the special price of $99/year - i.e., $26 discount from the basic $125/year membership. You will also receive a free print copy of the ISTE book No Fear Coding ($49 retail value).
    URL: https://www.iste.org/membership/code-org
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CSEd Resources

  • Coding with Robotics & Puzzles

    Check out how Susan Prabulos at Meadow Lane Elementary School teaches coding with robotics and puzzles!

    Watch more videos of CSEd in Lincoln, NE on our Media & Resource Library page!

    Video about CSEd at Meadow Lane Elementary School
  • Why should K-5 educators teach coding?

    • Making their thinking visible
    • Sustaining creativity
    • Encouraging computational thinking
    • Fostering future-ready skills
    • Empowering students to take action
    • Read an excerpt.
    Why K-5 Educators?
  • We need more CS teachers

    • This year we have trained 31 CSD teachers and 21 CSP teachers.
    • Next year, we plan to train 32 CSD teachers and 32 CSP teachers.
    • The global movement to teach computer science is accelerating.
    • But our schools need more computer science teachers.
    • The more computer science teachers we have in our school systems, the more students we will be able to reach.
    CSD CSP teacher map
  • Why bring computer science to our school?

    • There are so many high-salary computer science jobs out there that have not been filled - 2,196 jobs in Nebraska alone!
    • Nebraska is producing hardly enough computer science graduates (438 CS graduates in 2015) to fill these open jobs.
    • Work places change. Education has to change. This is all part of helping to prepare students for the world that they are going to work in.
    • Visit this Code.org page for computer science landscape and statistics in Nebraska.
    NE CS landscape
  • Computer science can count toward graduation requirements!

    If desired, school districts may allow computer science to count towards graduation requirements by including it as part of the core curriculum.

    Matthew Blomstedt, Commissioner, Nebraska Department of EducationLetter to Superintendents of Public Schools, December 17, 2018
    Letter from Matt Blomstedt about CS requirements for HS graduation


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    Please direct all your questions to:

    KOICHI SATORegional Partner Program Manager