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Professional Learning Programs for 2020-21 School Year!

Applications are now open!
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2019-20 CSD & CSP cohorts
Given the unknowns and university lockdown through this summer, we are restructuring the CS Discoveries and CS Principles summer workshops (previously scheduled for June 1-5) to a blended-learning virtual online experience across two weeks: June 15-26, 2020. We will do our best to translate a 5-day in-person workshop experience to synchronous online virtual workshops + on-your-own-time activities in-between over the two weeks.

Apply for CSD & CSP Program 2020-21!

Applications for the 2020-21 school year are now open!

  • Apply from the Link Below When You Are Ready to Apply!

    Apply Now for 2020-21 Program!

    Our online applications take 25-30 minutes to complete, and are not optimized for mobile devices. Apply soon as applications are reviewed and accepted as a rolling basis!

  • To See if You are Eligible for the Program...

    Please read the Program Requirements & Scholarship Criteria section below for details.

    Worried about the Cost?

    You may be eligible for no-fee participation. Please read the section about Program Fees below.

Professional Learning at a Glance

This Program is for You If You are Planning to Teach CS Discoveries or CS Principles during 2020-21 School Year!

  • Teaching CS Discoveries or CS Principles during 2020-21 School Year?

    Then, This Professional Learning is for You!

    PL training at a glance

    NOTE CS Discoveries is designed for grades 6-10 and CS Principles are designed for grades 9-12.

    Take a Peak at CS Discoveries and CS Principles Curricula!

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    CSP promo video
  • What are Teachers Saying about Teaching These Courses?

    "No background or experience in computer science is required to get started."

    "If you've ever wanted to teach computer science, Code.org's professional learning program is an ideal place to begin."

    "If you didn't have any background knowledge of computer technology, computer science, whatever the case may be, you can successfully teach these courses."

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  • What Will You Receive?

    Curriculum, Tools, Training & Support

    NOTE Code.org's curricula and instructional tools are freely available to you. No participation in professional learning is required to use them.

    PL training at a glance

    See the CSD | CSD Program Features below to learn more about the programs!

    • Daily lesson plans
    • Curriculum guide
    • Lesson materials
    • Tutorial videos
    • Assessments
    • Code Studio (Code.org's instructional platform)
    • Online forums

    You can access the course materials & tools through this curriculum page.

  • What is Year-long Professional Learning Like?

    A combination of virtual summer training and in-person workshops that span the first year offering the course

    PL workshops
    Summer (virtual)
    • Explore the first 3 units of the course.
    • Engage with curriculum as a teacher and learner.
    • Experiment with key classroom practices.
    • Experience the course philosophy in action.
    • Expand community with other educators.
    School Year (in-person)
    • Dig further into the curriculum through just-in-time support on upcoming course material.
    • Discuss needs and develop solutions to classroom challenges.
    • Deepen community ties.
  • Where & When Will In-person Training Take Place?

    University of Nebraska-Lincoln
    Teachers College Hall
    1400 Vine St, Lincoln, NE 68588
    Teachers College Hall
    Academic Year Workshops (AYWs)
    CS DiscoveriesCS Principles
    AYW #1: Saturday, TBA
    AYW #2: Saturday, TBA
    AYW #3: Saturday, TBA
    AYW #4: Saturday, TBA
    AYW #1: Saturday, TBA
    AYW #2: Saturday, TBA
    AYW #3: Saturday, TBA
    AYW #4: Saturday, TBA

Application Guidelines

Costs, Program Requirements & Scholarship Criteria

  • Program Fees: How Much Does It Cost to Participate?

    PL Costs

    No-fee Participation

    We have the limited number of seats (20-50 seats - based on scholarship fund availability) for no-fee participation. Priority acceptance is given to the applicants who meet the scholarship criteria.

    Participation with Discounted Fee

    If you have met the program requirements, but no-fee seats are not available at the time of your application, you can still participate with discounted fee (est. $250).

    Participation with Full Fee

    If you do not meet the program requirements, you can still participate with full program fee (est. $600).

    NOTE The fees listed here are estimates. Please contact us for the most up-to-date information.

    We cover:
    • Training & supply costs
    • Teacher materials & swag
    • Meals (breakfast, snacks, & lunch)
    • On-campus parking
    • Community building events & activities
    We are unable to cover:
    • Travel expenses (gas/mileage)
    • Lodging (if you are traveling from a distance)
  • Program Requirements & Scholarship Criteria

    Applicants who meet the scholarship criteria receive priority acceptance for no-fee participation in the programs.

    Program Requirements
    • School is offering course in 2020-21.
    • Applicant is scheduled to teach course.
    • Has appropriate certifications to teach the course.
    • Applicant commits to attending all professional learning (summer and academic year workshops).
    • Principal signs off on above items.
    Scholarship Criteria
    Must meet either of the two:
    • URM % of applicant's school: ≥50% OR
    • FARM: ≥50% (urban) OR ≥40% (rural)
    Also, must meet:
    • Implementation: During 2020-21 school year, applicant has a section of at least 5 students who will make progress on at least one unit the applicant was trained for.

    NOTE URM = Under-Represented Minority. FARM = Free And Reduced Meal. If you are not certain about the percentages of your school, you can find them on the NCES and NEP websites.

More About Professional Learning Programs!

Features & Benefits

  • Curricula, Lesson Plans, Tools & Support at No Cost to You!

    • Complete curricula & curriculum guides
    • Curriculum, comprehensive lesson plans, tools & support - all built into the online platform
    • All the Code.org materials are provided at no cost to you.
    Engaging leader
  • Teacher-Learner-Observer (TLO) Approach

    • You will learn the curriculum by switching roles between the teacher role (T), learner role (L), and observer role (O).
    • Our veteran facilitators will demo some key lessons from the Units (model lessons) so that you will experience the course content as an active learner to gain the perspective of your students.
    • With support from the facilitators, you will have chances to prepare, practice teaching, and reflect on the lessons from all units (teacher & observer roles).
    photo collage of TLO sessions
  • Ongoing Support

    • The four quarterly 1-day workshops provide ongoing support for you to successfully implement the lessons through hands-on experience of the lessons from the Units, ample chances to address challenges and share and explore supports and solutions, and chances to plan and prepare your own lessons.
    photo collage of academic year workshops
  • Endorsed by College Board

    • Code.org is recognized by the College Board as an endorsed provider of curriculum and professional development for AP® Computer Science Principles.
    • Teachers who participate in Code.org’s Professional Learning Program have more students take and earn qualifying scores on the AP CS Principles exam!
    • The course has also been aligned to the newly revised 2017 CSTA standards. A summary of standards mappings can be found at curriculum.code.org/csp/standards.
    APCSP Endorsement thumbnail
  • University Graduate Credit

    IT Supplemental Endorsement
  • ISTE Membership Discount

    ISTE offers membership exclusively to Code.org teachers at the special price of $65 — includes a FREE print copy of the ISTE book No Fear Coding ($49 retail value). You can also get Empowered Learner, their print and online magazine for members covering the most important topics in EdTech. It’s filled with practical resources and inspiring feature articles ($49 retail value).
    ISTE logo
  • Circuit Playground Classroom Kit Subsidy Program

    If you are participating in CS Discoveries Professional Learning Program, implementing the full-year version of the course, and are not able to secure funding for the classroom kit locally, Code.org may be able to fully subsidize a single classroom kit for you.
    Circuit Playground Classroom Kit

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