Middle & High School Teachers! Apply for Code.org Teacher Professional Learning Program 2018-19 Now!

January 16 - March 30 (Update: Application link will remain open about a week past the deadline)

We're excited to announce that applications for Code.org's Professional Learning Programs for CS Principles (Grades 6-10) and CS Discoveries (Grades 9-12) are now open! If your school plans to offer these courses in 2018-19 AND if you will be teaching either course, you qualify to apply for the program. 

Code.org's Professional Learning Programs are intensive, year-long professional learning programs for middle and high school educators who are interested in teaching Code.org's CS Discovieries (Grades 6-10) or CS Principles (Grades 9-12) course. These programs are designed to prepare educators to provide high quality instruction based on the curriculum, tools, and approach to students in their classrooms. Those programs are free and all expenses including flights, hotel, meals, etc. during the training are also covered. Note: We will not pay for your out-of-school time during the training.  

Teachers who apply and are accepted to the program commit to:

  • Attending TeacherCon - i.e., a five-day, in-person summer workshop
    • TeacherCon Atlanta: June 17-22 in Atlanta, GA 
    • Note: If you have a schedule conflict, but have a strong wish to be part of the program, we advise you to apply and contact us about it so we can put you on a waitlist for TeacherCon Phonix, July 22-27 in Phoenix, AZ.  
  • Attending four local one-day, in-person workshops (normally on Saturdays)
  • Teaching the course during the 2018-19 school year (requires the principal approval)
    • CS Discoveries: Needs to be implemented as at least a semester or two-quarter course (50 or more course hours) 
    • CS Principles: Needs to be implemented as a full year course (100 or more course hours)
      *Here's how you can estimate the course hours.
  • Supporting the recruitment and enrollment of a diverse group of students in the course, representative of the school's overall student population
Applications close on March 30 (Update: Application link will remain open about a week past the deadline), and will be reviewed on a rolling basis. For more information and to apply, visit the links below
CS Discoveries Professional Learning Program CS Principles Professional Learning Program

Note: If you don't see the application link on the page, please use this direct link to apply: https://studio.code.org/pd/application/teacher

Please contact us if you have any questions. 

Professional Learning for Middle and High School Teachers to Teach Computer Science!

Are you currently teaching or going to teach one of Code.org's computer science courses (see below) in your school?  If you are and need high-quality training, consider applying for the corresponding Professional Learning Programs. The programs kick off with a 5-day summer workshop where you'll have an opportunity to work hands-on with the curriculum and meet other teachers from your area. Throughout the year, Code.org and UNL Tech EDGE will offer online support for upcoming units, forum support, and 1-day quarterly workshops. You don't need any prior computer science experience to get started. 

6-10th grade: Computer Science Discoveries

For teachers in 6th - 10th grade classrooms, Code.org's Computer Science Discoveries course is a greate place to start. The course can be taught as a semester or full-year introduction and covers a broad range of topics such as physical computing, building websites, programming and learning about data.



CS Discoveries Professional Learning Program
9-12th grade: Computer Science Principles

If you are teaching 9 - 12th grade students, Code.org's Computer Science Principles course can be taught as an AP or non-AP course. Either way, there are no prerequisites required. The course is designed to be far more than a traditional introduction to programming - it's a regorous, engaging, and approachable course. It explores many of the big, foundational ideas of computing so all students understand how these concepts are transforming the world we live in.

CS Principles Professional Learning Program

Professional Learning Program for Elementary School Teachers

If you are interested in joining in the Professional Learning Program 2018-19 for CS Fundamentals (elementary school), sign up below to be added to our contact list.

Join our contact list

In the meantime, please check out the Code.org curriculum pages for additional information on the their CS courses.