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Bringing Computer Science Teacher Training to MS/HS Teachers!
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Bringing Computer Science PD Opportunities to Local Teachers in Partnership with:

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  • Tailored to meet the CS PD goals and needs of local teachers!

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  • 3-day in-person workshop

    At the end of the workshop, you will walk away with actionable and practical instructional strategies involving fun and engaging lesson plans, tools, and activities that you can use at your setting the next day such as:

    • Hands-on, plugged & unplugged activities to develop computational thinking (e.g., problem-solving, debugging, student reflection)
    • Hands-on, plugged & unplugged activities that focus on robotics & physical computing and developing the knowledge of the interaction between computers and the physical world (e.g., micro:bit, Arduino Circuit Playground)
    • Higher-tech, STEM experiences (e.g., TinkerCAD, 3D modeling & printing)
    • Game design (e.g., Bloxels)

    Virtual follow-up support

    The follow-up COP supports ongoing professional development so that you will be ready for the upcoming school year. We will use virtual meetings and an online community platform to reinforce and supplement your knowledge of the content and tools introduced in the in-person workshop through:

    • Open Q&A
    • Sharing progress, successes, challenges, and insights
    • Sharing your lesson plans and strategies
    • Hearing from expert coaches and mentors
    • Supplementing supportive resources

PD Opportunities

  • Past & Upcoming PDs

    Target region ESU 6 school districts
    Date Day 1: January 24 (Thu)
    Day 2: January 25 (Fri)
    Day 3: January 30 (Wed)
    Southeast Community College, Continuing Education Center
    Lincoln, NE
    Partners ESU 6
    Southeast Community College, Continuing Education Center
    Target region ESU 5 school districts
    Date In-person workshop:
    Day 1: March 25 (Mon)
    Day 2: March 26 (Tue)
    Day 3: April 24 (Wed)
    Virtual follow-on meetings:
    May 29 (Wed)
    June 26 (Wed)
    July 31 (Wed)
    ESU 5
    Beatrice, NE
    Partners ESU 5
  • We are seeking partners to host 1 more PD in Nebraska. If you are interested in cohosting it:

    If you are interested in working with us to plan and host a CS PD, please contact us. Here's what we can offer:

    PD trainer We have budged our funds for 1 trainer per workshop day. Our experienced CS teachers/trainers have agreed to facilitate workshops for these PDs. If you have your own trainer you want to use, we can also accommodate it.
    Facilitator payment We can pay 1 trainer per workshop day for his/her workshop facilitation. We can also pay 1 trainer per virtual follow-up meeting.
    Facilitator travel expenses We will cover the transportation (mileage) for the trainer. If lodging is necessary, we will also cover it.
    PD supplies & equipment We will provide basic workshop supplies such as self-adhesive easels, sticky notes, markers, and pens. We have also budged our funds to purchase some equipment (e.g., circuit board for physical computing).
    Meals during workshops We will cover the cost of meals for the workshop attendees and the trainer during the workshop days. We typically provide breakfast and lunch (not dinner).
    Substitute teacher for the facilitator If the workshop is scheduled on school days, we may be able to cover the cost of a substitute teacher for the facilitator.

More on CS Education

  • Why bring computer science to our school?

    • There are so many high-salary computer science jobs out there that have not been filled - 2,196 jobs in Nebraska alone!
    • Nebraska is producing hardly enough computer science graduates (438 CS graduates in 2015) to fill these open jobs.
    • Work places change. Education has to change. This is all part of helping to prepare students for the world that they are going to work in.
    • Visit this page for computer science landscape and statistics in Nebraska.
    NE CS landscape
  • Computer science can count toward graduation requirements!

    If desired, school districts may allow computer science to count towards graduation requirements by including it as part of the core curriculum.

    Matthew Blomstedt, Commissioner, Nebraska Department of EducationLetter to Superintendents of Public Schools, December 17, 2018
    Letter from Matt Blomstedt about CS requirements for HS graduation
  • Watch how they use Ozobots for their unplugged activities at Marilyn Moore Middle School

    Video about coding with robotics


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