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Google CS Educator PD
- Grades 6-12 Teachers -

To Bring Computer Science to Nebraska MS & HS Students

Google CS Educator PD 2018-2019 for MS/HS Teachers

Student-centered, inquiry-based & hands-on approach to CSEd

If you teach or will be teaching computer science in either middle or high school, this PD is for you. Experienced CS teachers will guide you in learning a student-centered, project-based, and collaborative approach to teaching CS rather than all-lecture format.  This PD will have two components: 

  1. Three-day in-person workshop
  2. Year-round virtual community of practice (COP)

3-day In-person Workshop

At the end of the workshop, you wll walk away with actionable and practical teaching strategies involving fun and engaging lesson plans, tools, and activities that you can use in your classroom the next day such as:

  • Hands-on, unplugged activities (e.g., robotics,
  • Collaborative strategies (e.g., pair-programming, pair-sharing)
  • Inquiry-based, problem-solving techniques (e.g., verbalization)
  • Platforms and tools for teaching programming (e.g.,, Codecademy)

You will also have ample opportunities to:

  • Reflect on your previous experiences, your classroom realities, and the needs of your students
  • Explore strategies and resources to attend to equity challenges that arise in your classroom and school

Coding with Robotics

Watch how they use Ozobots for their unplugged activities at Marilyn Moore Middle School in Lincoln, NE.

Year-round Virtual Community of Practice (COP)

The year round COP supports ongoing professional development. We will use quarterly virtual meetings and an online community platform to reinforce and further develop the knowledge and skills of the content and tools introduced in the in-person workshop through:

  • Open Q&A
  • Sharing progress, successes, challenges, and insights
  • Sharing your lesson plans and strategies
  • Hearing from expert coaches and mentors
  • Curating supportive resources

Program & Workshop Logistics


This PD is provided at no cost to you except for the travel expenses, which we are unable to cover. 

What devices to bring

Don't forget to bring your own laptop/Chromebook and charger, as well as any adapters. If you’re bringing a school or district owned laptop/Chromebook, please make sure you have administrator permissions. We don't recommend brining a tablet as your primary device to this workshop. 


Catered lunch and snacks will be provided on all three days.


No stipend for lodging will be provided.

Register for the PD

Find the workshop near you and register through the links below. We currently have only one workshop scheduled, but we will update it as more workshops are scheduled.  If you don't see workshops scheduled near you, but would like us to let you know when we schedule one, please fill out the interest form below. 

Contact me when you have workshops near me!

July 25 (Wed) - 27 (Fri) | 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. | ESU 5 building

900 W Court St., Beatrice NE 68310 | Nick Ziegler | | (402) 223-5277

This workshop is postponed. The new dates TBA.