Zachary Schafer
Zachary Schafer Ph.D. Program Teaching, Curriculum and Learning

Brief Biography

My journey in education has been wide and varied, including: 1) Working informally with elementary, middle school, and high school aged youth in the context of environmental and wildlife education 2) Teaching multiple levels of high-school biology 3) Running a music and art based non-profit designing and executing programming for children with disabilities, children processing grief from the loss of significant people in their lives, and youth in the foster care system and 4) Running a program based in Restorative Practices that took in students who were suspended from school for the purpose of helping them academically and in the context of their suspension.

Research Interests

My research interests lie at the crossroads between individual teacher interest, teacher "Strengths," and Restorative Practices. I am curious about what role affect, curiosity, and vulnerability play in the context student-teacher relationships, the expression of authentic teaching-self, and the creation of emergent, significant moments with students. Separately, I believe in the contextual functionality and utility of all types of commas and not just the use of one comma type for all purposes.

Publications & Conference Presentations

Empowering Salieri: Extracting the “Genius” in our Students - Accepted by The Science Teacher November 2, 2020
Presenter for Racial Literacy Roundtable at University of Nebraska-Lincoln - April 2021