997 Internship

An internship is the culminating experience for students completing the Distance Delivery Program in Material Culture and Textiles Studies. Students in the Distance Delivery Program are expected to complete 9 hours of internship credit. For students completing the traditional on-campus masters program in Textiles, Merchandising & Fashion Design with a specialization in Material Culture and Textile Studies an internship is optional, but highly recommended.

Internships must be arranged at institutions where students will work under the direct supervision of a museum professional. The internship is not another independent study option. We want students to interact with professionals and have the opportunity to observe routine practices. Students may intern at the International Quilt Study Center and Museum or at a museum, historical society, or living history site near his/her place of residence. Students must complete 160 hours of work to earn 3 academic credit hours. (See internship contract for detailed requirements.) Internship hours may be earned at several institutions or all hours may be earned at one institution if the student chooses.  

Students are responsible for making initial contacts with practicing professionals and identifying internship possibilities. After a commitment from a practicing professional is secured, students must next complete an internship proposal/contract and submit it to their academic advisor for approval.

Internship Contract

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