MA - Costume History Option II

A minimum of 36 credit hours is required for the Master of Arts Degree, Option II program.

*Denotes courses open exclusively to graduate students.

Required Coursework in Textiles, Merchandising & Fashion Design (TMFD) (22 credits):

TMFD 807 Dress (Fall only) 3cr
TMFD 808 Textiles, Technology & Culture (Spring only) 3cr
*TMFD 809 Museums:  Theory and Practice (Even Years, Spring) 3cr
TMFD 810 Body, Dress & Identity (Spring only) 3cr
*TMFD 874 Theory Development (Fall odd years) 1cr
*TMFD 876 Material Culture Research Methods (Fall even years)  3cr
*TMFD 996 Research Other Than Thesis 6cr

Required Minor (9 credits)

Option II students are required to have a minor consisting of nine credits from one department. The Art & Art History Department requires that all courses be taken at UNL; none of the art & art history coursework may be transfer credits.

THEA 806 Costume Crafts 3cr
THEA 818 Costume Design 1 3cr
THEA 819 Costume Design 2 3cr
*THEA 835 Period Patterning 3cr
*HIST 842 Antebellum America 1800-1850 3cr
*HIST 846 America in the Gilded Age 3cr
*HIST 847 Family History of the U.S. 3cr
*HIST 848 The Women's West 3cr
*HIST 849 Ideas in America to Civil War 3cr
*HIST 850 Ideas in America Since Civil War 3cr
AHIS 846 Art Since 1945 3cr
AHIS 851 19th Century American Art 3cr
AHIS 852 American Art 1893-1939 3cr

Additional Coursework in TMFD or in Minor (5 credits minimum):

Suggested TMFD couses:

TMFD 803 Draping 3cr
*TMFD 818 Quilts, History, Culture 3cr
*TMFD 873 Design Perspectives & Issues (Alt Years) 3cr
TMFD 890 Workshop/Seminar 1-3cr
TMFD 892 Professional Study Tour (May only) 2cr
TMFD 896 Independent Study (Textiles) 3cr
*TMFD 814 Studio Craft Movement from Mid-century to DIY (online) (Fall odd years) 3cr
TMFD 815 Aesthetics and the Quilt (online) (Alt. Years) 3cr
TMFD 905D Special Topics 1-6cr
TMFD 978 Seminar in Textile History 1-3cr
*TMFD 997 Internship 1-9cr

Note: Students who elect the Costume History Option II track typically conduct curatorial research for an exhibition of historic dress in a campus gallery or museum or develop a body of historical reproduction garments for exhibition in the Hillestad Textiles Gallery or in a runway show