MA - Textile and Apparel Design Emphasis Option II

Supplementary suggested courses in Textiles, Merchandising and Fashion Design

TMFD 803 Apparel design by Draping 3cr
TMFD 805 Advanced Textiles 3cr
TMFD 806 Textile Testing and Evaluation 3cr
TMFD 807 Dress (Fall only) 3cr
TMFD 808 Textiles, Technology & Culture (Spring only) 3cr
*TMFD 809 Museums:  Theory & Practice 3cr
TMFD 811 Textile, Fashion & Design Problems 3cr
TMFD 816 Apparel Design for Industry 3cr
*TMFD 817 Textiles & Dress: Cultural Perspective 3cr
*TMFD 818 Quilts, History, Culture 3cr
*TMFD 823 Advanced Design in Multi Media 3cr
*TMFD 824 Rendering and Production of Textiles or Apparel 3cr
*TMFD 825 Advanced Design for Printed Textiles (Spring Only) 3cr
*TMFD 828 Coloration 3cr
TMFD 874 Theory Development (Fall odd years) 1cr
*TMFD 876 Material Culture Research Methods (Fall even years) 3cr
TMFD 892 Professional Study Tour 2cr
TMFD 896 Independent Study 6max. cr

A minimum of 36 credit hours are required in the Master of Arts Degree Option II, Textile Design Emphasis.
* Denotes courses open exclusively to graduate students.