MA - Textile History/Quilt Studies Option II

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Department of Textiles, Merchandising and Fashion Design offers a masters program that allows students to concentrate their coursework in textile history with a quilt studies emphasis. In consultation with a faculty adviser, each student plans an individualized course of study linking his/her background interests with the research or creative interests of departmental faculty and the educational resources of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. This graduate program is offered through a combination of distance technology and on-campus instruction.

Who should consider this program?

Students with an undergraduate degree in history, art history, American studies, or women's studies are best prepared for this masters program. Therefore, they are given preference for admission when applications are reviewed. The program is designed for persons interested in analyzing the complex ways gender, class, ethnicity, aesthetics, politics, religion and technology find expression in the textile arts, quilt making traditions, design and culture. Graduates of this program are prepared for careers or career advancement in museums, historic houses, galleries, auction houses and government agencies in the areas of collections care and management, education and research.

What is the application deadline?

Applications to the hybrid program are reviewed once a year. Completed applications including transcripts and letters of recommendation must be received by February 1 to be considered for admission for fall semester.

A minimum of 36 credit hours is required for the Master of Arts Degree, Option II - Non-Thesis.

*Denotes courses open exclusively to graduate students.

Required Coursework in Textiles, Merchandising & Fashion Design (TMFD) (22 credits):

TMFD 808 Textiles, Technology & Culture (Spring only) 3cr
*TMFD 809 Museums:  Theory & Practice (Spring even years) 3cr
*TMFD 818 Quilts, History, Culture 3cr
*TMFD 874 Theory Development 1cr

TMFD 876 Material Culture Research Methods or *TMFD 873 Design Perspectives and Issues (Fall odd years)

TMFD 896 Independent Study (Textiles) 3cr
TMFD 996 Research Other than Thesis 6cr

Required Minor (9 credits):

Option II students are required to have a minor consisting of nine credits from one department. The Art & Art History Department requires that all courses be taken at UNL; none of the art and art history coursework may be transfer credits. Suggested departments and courses:

HIST 842 Antebellum America 1800-1850 3cr
HIST 846 America in the Gilded Age 3cr
HIST 847 Family History of the U.S. 3cr
HIST 848 The Women's West 3cr
HIST 849 Ideas in America to Civil War 3cr
HIST 850 Ideas in America Since Civil War 3cr
AHIS 846 Art Since 1945 3cr
AHIS 851 19th Century American Art 3cr
AHIS 852 American Art 1893-1939 3cr
*EDAD 935 Qualitative Research 3cr
*EDAD 936 Mixed Methods in Research 3cr
*EDAD 990 Historic Methods in Educational Research (Summer pre-session only) 3cr
*EDUC 900K Qualitative Approaches to Educational Research 3cr

Additional Coursework in TMFD or in Minor (5 credits minimum):

Suggested TMFD Courses:

TMFD 807 History of Dress (Fall only) 3
TMFD 890 Workshop/Seminar 1-3r
TMFD 892 Professional Study Tour (May only) 2cr
*TMFD 814 Studio Craft Movement from Mid-century to DIY (online) (Fall odd years) 3cr
*TMFD 815 Aesthetics and the Quilt (online) Fall even years) 3cr
*TMFD 978 Seminar in Textile History 1-3cr
*TMFD 997 Internship 1-3cr

Note: Students who elect the Textile History/Quilt Studies Option II track typically conduct curatorial research for an exhibition that is presented in a campus gallery or online.