Select 15 hours minimum from the following:

TMFD 8051Advanced Textiles (Fall only) 3cr
TMFD 8061 Textile Testing and Evaluation (Spring only) 3cr
TMFD 808 History of Textiles (Spring only) 3cr
TMFD 809 Care and Conservation of Textile Collections (Alt. years) 3cr
*TMFD 811 Textile, Fashion and Design Problems 1-6cr
TMFD 813Textile and Apparel Merchandising: 

Development and Retail Strategies

TMFD 825 Advanced Work in Digital and Other Media for Textile Design (Alt. years) 3-6cr
TMFD 8281 Textile Dyeing (Alt. years) 3cr
*TMFD 874 Theory Development 1cr
*TMFD 8751 Research Methods (Alt. years) 3cr
*TMFD 876 Artifact Analysis (Alt. years) 3cr
*TMFD 890 Workshop/Seminar 1-3cr
*TMFD 896 Independent Study 1-5cr
*TMFD 978 Seminar in Textile History 1-3cr
*TMFD 9861

Seminar in Textiles, Merchandising and Fashion Design

*TMFD 995 Internship 1-9cr

6-8 hours minimum of statistics:

STAT 801 Statistical Methods in Research 4cr
STAT 802 Experimental Design 4cr

4-6 hours of courses in physical sciences:

CHEM 821 Analytical Chemistry (Spring only) 3cr
CHEM 823 Analytical Chemistry Lab (Spring only) 2cr
CHEM 831 Biochemistry I 3cr
*CHEM 855 Advanced Organic Chemistry (Spring only) 3cr
CHEM 871 Physical Chemistry (Fall only) 4cr
*BSEN 998 Advanced Topics (Polymer Extrusion) (Alt. years) 2cr
CHME 873 Biochemical Engineering (Fall only) 3cr
MATH 821 Differential Equations 3cr
MATH 855 Mathematical Analysis I (Fall only) 3cr
MATH 871 Mathematical Analysis II (Spring only) 3cr

8 hours must be in graduate-only courses (*)
A minimum of 33 credit hours is required in the MS-Textile Science.
* Denotes courses open exclusively to graduate students.
1 Denotes required course for all MS-Textile Science students.