Michael Burton and Dr. Yiqi Yang Among 226 Faculty Who Received Parents' Recognition Awards

Parent's Recognition Award
Amanda Morales (center) receives her first Parents' Recognition Award from (right) Scott Napolitano, teaching council chair and assistant professor of practice in educational psychology, and Linette Asay, UNL Parents Association president.

Michael Burton and Dr. Yiqi Yang Among 226 Faculty Who Received Parents' Recognition Awards

10 Feb 2017    

More than 225 University of Nebraska-Lincoln employees were recently honored for providing support to students.

The Parents' Recognition Awards, presented during a Feb. 3 ceremony in the Nebraska Union, are earned through nominations made from parents of Nebraska students. Presented annually, the honors provide positive feedback to faculty and staff about their work with students. They also encourage good student and faculty relationships and provide recognition in an area often overlooked in the formal rewards system.

The UNL Parents Association solicits nominations through an annual mailing, asking parents to nominate a faculty or staff employee who has made a significant difference in their student’s life. Nominations include a short explanation of why this person was nominated.

All who were nominated by at least one parent or student and who are still with the university received a certificate. The annual recognition ceremony was organized by the Division of Student Affairs and co-sponsored by the teaching council and parents association. Certificates of recognition for contributions to students were given during the ceremony. This is the 29th year Nebraska faculty and staff have received the awards from the parents association.

The 2016-2017 recipients are listed below. Numbers in parentheses indicate the number of years a recipient has received the award. If no number is listed, the award is a first-time honor.

For more information, contact Student Affairs at 402-472-3755.

Academic Affairs

Admissions -- Chad Kilpatrick (2)

Criminology and Criminal Justice -- Don Carey, Danny Madrid

Exploratory and Pre-Professional -- Jaci Gustafson

First-Year Experiences and Transition Programs -- Cheryl Pflueger, Lori Romano

Gerontology (Public Affairs and Community Service) -- Lindsey Wylie

Raikes School of Computer Science and Management -- Anna Pressler

Scholarships and Financial Aid -- Anna Plank (10)

Thompson Learning Community -- Kelli King (4)

Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources

Agricultural Economics -- Ronald Hanson (25), Rosalee Swartz (19)

Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication -- Susan Burton, Karen Cannon, Carmen Zafft

Agronomy and Horticulture -- David Lambe (8), Donald Lee (24), Dennis McCallister (4), Jeffrey Mower, Brandi Sigmon, Kim Todd (11)

Animal Science -- Ron Lewis, James MacDonald, Allison Raymond, Bryan Reiling (10), Brett White

Biochemistry -- Rebecca Roston, Erin Sayer (7)

Biological Systems Engineering -- Greg Bashford (5), Jonathan Heithold (2), Roger Hoy (5), Nicole Iverson, Deepak Keshwani (5), Jeyam Subbiah (2)

Dean's Office -- Tom Field (4), Nichole Smith (4)

Food Science and Technology -- Andrew Benson, Randy Wehling (4)

Natural Resources -- Amanda Bergeron-Bauer (2), Rebecca Buller (5), Sara Winn (4)

Statistics -- Erin Blankenship

Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences -- Michael Carlson (4), Roberto Cortiñas, Lila Tooker (4)


Architecture -- Peter Olshavsky (3)

Interior Design -- Lindsey Ellsworth-Bahe

Arts and Sciences

Anthropology -- Raymond Hames, Carrie Heitman (2), Heather Richards-Rissetto

Biological Sciences -- Peter Angeletti (2), Gwen Bachman (12), Alan Christensen (2), Brian Couch (2), John DeLong (2), William Glider (6), Wendy O'Connor (7), Wayne Riekhof (3)

Chemistry -- Jason Kautz (9), Eric Malina (9), Chris McCune (4)

Classics and Religious Studies -- Yaroslav Komarovski, Michael Lippman (2), Matthew Loar (2)

Communication Studies -- Katie Brockhage, Amy Martinelli

Computer Science and Engineering -- Ann Koopmann (14)

English -- Stephen Behrendt (5), Stephen Buhler (7), Adrienne Christian, Jennine Capó Crucet, Gabriel Houck, Kirby Little, Gabrielle Owen, Beverley Rilett (4), Gregory Rutledge (2), Kelly Stage (3), Shari Stenberg, Jack Vespa (3), Ivan Young

Global Studies -- Emira Ibrahimpasic

History -- Thomas Borstelmann (4)

Mathematics -- Andrew Becklin, Cashous Bortner, Steve Cohn (10), Kevin Gonzales, Mitch Hamidi (2), David McMorris, J.D. Nir, Bob Ruyle (2), Chris True (4), Nathan Wakefield

Modern Languages and Literatures -- Radha Balasubramanian (6), Abla Hasan (3), Alexis Jimenez (5), Errapel Mejias-Vicandi (5), Bethany Sanio (4), Madeline Smith, Olha Tytarenko, Sijia Yao

Physics and Astronomy -- Matthias Fuchs (2)

Political Science -- John Gruhl (13), Sergio Wals (3), Marc Warburton

Psychology -- Rick Bevins (3), Calvin Garbin (18), Daniel Leger (10), Jeffrey Stevens, Manda Williamson (5)

Sociology -- Kara Brant

Business Administration

Advising -- D'vee Buss (8), Matthew Geyer

Honors Academy -- Erin Burnette (3)

Clifton Strengths Institute -- Samantha Kennelly

Dean's Office -- Shelly Harrold (2)

Economics -- Sam Allgood (5), Laurie Miller (3)

Finance -- Roberto Stein, Sue Vagts (4)

Management -- Regina Frey, Amber Messersmith, Kohn Kalu Osiri, Troy Smith

Marketing -- Michelle Jacobs (6), Laura McLeod, Rob Simon (2)

Accountancy -- Amanda Gonzales, Jina Morris (2), Joel Owens

Education and Human Sciences

Child, Youth and Family Studies -- Kimberly Blitch (2), Paul Springer

Dean's Office -- Debra Mullen (10)

Educational Psychology -- Abraham Flanigan

Nutrition and Health Sciences -- Candy Kohnke (2)

Special Education and Communication Disorders -- Cynthia Cress (7), Rebecca Custead, Sue Kemp (3), Ron Nelson (2)

Student Services Center -- Eric Einspahr (3), Cameya Ramirez-Rousseau

Teaching, Learning and Teacher Education -- Jim Barstow, Lauren Gatti, Tricia Gray (3), Diane Mickey, Amanda Morales

Textiles, Merchandising and Fashion Design -- Michael Burton, Yiqi Yang


Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering -- Srivatsan Kidambi

Civil Engineering -- Richard Wood

Dean's Office -- Kayla Person

Architectural Engineering and Construction -- Kevin Grosskopf, Wayne Jensen (4)

Computer Science and Engineering -- Cooper Knaak

Mechanical and Materials Engineering -- Mehrdad Negahban (6), Michael Sealy

Fine and Performing Arts

Art, Art History and Design -- Bob Hall, Michael Hoff (4), Rebecca Salem, Francisco Souto

Music -- Carolyn Barber (3), Diane Barger (5), Alisa Belflower (12), Kathleen Butler (4), Jan Deaton, Peter Eklund (11), Paul Haar (9), David Hall, Brian Moore (4), Hans Sturm

Theatre and Film -- Ian Borden (3), Julie Hagemeier (2), Steven Kolbe (4), J.D. Madsen, Dustin Mosko

Journalism and Mass Communications

Advertising and Public Relations -- Kelli Britten (2), Dane Kiambi, Phyllis Larsen (10), Brandon Nutting, Amy Struthers (9)

Advising -- Jill Arth (3)

Broadcasting -- Rick Alloway (24)

Journalism -- Sue Burzynski Bullard, Alan Eno, Joe Starita (4), Bruce Thorson (5), Matthew Waite (2), Joe Weber

Technical Agriculture

Technical Agriculture -- Ricky Sue Barnes Wach, Joe Bek (3), Judy Bowmaster-Cole (2), Trentee Bush (2), Glenn Jackson (2), Daniel Stehlik, Alan Taylor

Additional Units

Athletics -- Alvin Banks (4), Katie Jewell (14), Shot Kleen, Dennis Leblanc (15), Mike Nieman (5), Joann Ross, Jerry Weber (4)

Career Services -- Becky Faber (9)

Chancellor's Office -- Bill Nunez

Civic Engagement -- Kris Baack (17)

Fraternity and Sorority Life -- Linda Schwartzkopf (3)

Nebraska Alumni Association -- Jessica Marshall

OASIS -- Charlie Foster

Print Services -- Penny Thompson (2)

Services for Students with Disabilities -- Veva Cheney (7), Rachel Murray

Student Accounts -- Trudy Rhoads

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs -- Kacey Tegtmeier

TRIO Programs -- Marianna Burks (2)

University Health Center -- Betty Adams, Jane Austin

University Housing -- Claire Adams, Sharity Czolgos, Pamela Edwards (2), Jason Hughes, Ann Johnson, Amanda Orr, Alise Pape, Erron Reynolds (2), Willie Schele Jr., Bod Sildmets

University Police -- Eric Fischer

Textiles, Merchandising & Fashion Design