Samuelson honored with CEHS Staff Star Award

Samuelson honored with CEHS Staff Star Award

25 Nov 2019    

Rosanne Samuelson, administrative support associate in the Department of Textiles, Merchandising and Fashion Design, has been named the recipient of the Oct. 2019 Staff Star Award by the CEHS Staff Council.

Samuelson, a longtime TMFD staff member, coordinates logistical aspects of projects so that they are efficiently and effectively realized.

“Rosanne is consistently forward-thinking and alert to department needs as they develop,” said her nominator. “She outlines a plan, assigns task if appropriate, and follows through to completion.”

The department has benefited from Samuelson’s detailed oversight of operations. When a merchandising course was facing a schedule conflict, she found a solution in an under-used conference room space. Samuelson reorganized the room and coordinated the ordering of new chairs and tables to double the seating capacity of the room.

She is currently overseeing the redesign of a graduate assistant office for the department.

“Thanks to her thoroughness we are able to create a project vision and know that each step in the process will be checked off successfully,” said the nominator. “Her oversight of department operations is as thorough as it gets, and the department is all the better for it.”

The Staff Star Award recognizes staff members who go above and beyond their scope of duties.  To nominate a staff member for a Staff Star Award, click here.

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