Students explore college, textiles through Upward Bound

Camille Hawbaker supervises students as they cut fabric for their quilts

Students explore college, textiles through Upward Bound

15 Jun 2015    

Thirteen high school students, following directions from visiting lecturer Camille Hawbaker, laid out pieces of hand-dyed fabric in a Textiles, Merchandising, and Fashion Design (TMFD) classroom last week. The students had dyed the fabric themselves, then cut square pieces and pinned and sewed them together to create small art quilts. It’s all part of an Upward Bound summer residential program that brings students to campus for six-week summer sessions to engage them in learning and get them thinking about college.

The students are ninth- and tenth-graders at Lincoln High, North Star, and Northeast high schools and whose parents did not attend college. The Upward Bound program, free to participants, is designed to provide support and encouragement for kids and help them consider post-secondary education.

The students used tie dye methods to dye their fabric, inspired by the work of Jan Myers-Newbury, whose work is currently on display in the Robert Hillestad Textiles  Gallery.

“They’re learning how to sew, how to dye fabric and all those hands-on things,” said Hawbaker. “But they’re also getting exposed to the textiles department. It’s such a diverse department in terms of merchandising and fashion and fine art—it’s kind of a nice crossover between all that.”

The class also had the opportunity to hear from Michael James about his work, currently on display at the International Quilt Study Center and Museum. James spoke about his wife and inspiration for his quilts.

“I think that helped them make a connection about how this can be a form of expression, and how this is a visual language,” said Hawbaker.

The Upward Bound program also provides students with academic and financial advising, help completing college entrance and financial aid applications, and mentoring opportunities. Learn more about Upward Bound <link:>.



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