TMFD alumna JLynn Hausmann's Nebraska roots drive a brand concept

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TMFD alumna JLynn Hausmann's Nebraska roots drive a brand concept

25 Apr 2014    


TMFD alumna JLynn Hausman (B.S. Merchandising, 2004) is the founder and creative principal/designer of her own company, JHaus Brand.  Senior TMFD (Communications) major, Averi Melcher, met with Hausmann to talk about her Nebraska roots and how they influenced her design and brand concepts.

     Hausmann pours heart and soul into her company, and it leaves a visible mark, right down to the finishing touches.  Each pair of JHaus Brand jeans is completed with bolt-shaped buttons and five small stitches on the corners of the back pockets.  She said she chose the five-sided bolt design because it’s the strongest. 

     Hausmann wants this idea of strong roots to be a part of her company at every level.  She even chose her family’s brand as the JHaus Brand logo – a reflection of her own Nebraska background. In fact, it’s on her family’s ranch that most of the design process is executed.  Hausmann feels inspired by the colors of the landscape and the laid-back attitude of the people in rural Nebraska. 

     To get the perfectly worn look and feel for her designs, she first sources well-used denim jeans from her father’s closet.  She then works with her team to study and re-create the authentic wear patterns she finds in them.  This process is far removed from the fashion predictions that most urban designers use. “We do look at trend reports,” said Hausmann.  “But we’re not driven by them.”

     Another trait that sets JHaus Brand apart from other companies is its defiance of the seasonal production cycles in the fashion industry. Hausmann wants each collection to be cohesive and  well thought out – not just designed for the sake of having new products.  She said this is possible to do because denim is a classic.  There’s more time to create the perfect look, and less pressure to make the latest trend. “Denim is always in season; It’s very different from anything else, so we can do that,” said Hausmann.  “It makes better stuff.”

     With her “country meets city” vibe and a brand deeply rooted in American values, it only made sense for Hausmann to manufacture domestically as well.  Everything JHaus Brand produces is a made in the U.S., right in L.A.

     When asked about the future of JHaus Brand, Hausmann expressed optimism.  She said the company is growing daily and will soon carefully and thoughtfully expand into the realm of shirts and accessories.  She maintains that the emphasis will always be on denim, though. 

     Haussmann returns to Nebraska often to visit family and participate in trunk shows.  She also stays involved with UNL and was back for the April 25 student runway show, to serve as one of two Mary Mitchell Fashion Excellence Awards jurors, the other being TMFD alumna and Nebraska native Amanda Valentine (B.S. Fashion Design, 2004) , a recent Project Runway designer now running her own business Valentine Valentine in Nashville, TN.

     JHaus Brand designs can be purchased online at or and in boutiques around California and Nebraska, including Embellish in downtown Lincoln.

     On Thursday May 8 JLynn Hausmann will receive the University of Nebraska Alumni Association’s Thursday May 8 JLynn Hausmann will receive the University of Nebraska Alumni Association’s Young Achiever Award, a well deserved recognition of her early successes. Another TMFD alumna, Kirsten Runnels (B.S. Merchandising, 2003) likewise received the Alumni Association’s Young Achiever Award in 2011.

- Averi Melcher, TMFD Communications




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