Wendy Weiss and Jay Kreimer mount "Landscape with Floating Biology"

Wendy Weiss and Jay Kreimer mount "Landscape with Floating Biology"

15 Jun 2009    

Landscape with Floating Biology (detail view)

In conjunction with the Surface Design OFF THE GRID 2009 international textile conference Wendy Weiss and Jay Kreimer of Lincoln, NE presented Landscape with Floating Biology at the Cocoon Gallery in the Arts Incubator of Kansas City the week of May 25th. The show continues through June 27th. The gallery is located at 115 W. 18th Street, Kansas City, MO 64108. The gallery contact person is Jeff Becker (816) 916-8970. Hours of Operation: Thursday- Sat 11- 3 or by appointment.

Kreimer and Weiss describe this new work, which they previewed in Beijing at the Beyond Thoreau conference in October 2008, in this way: “We leave the constructed grid and make an alternative installation, a landscape of tree-like handwoven, natural dyed cylinders, printed suspended figures, and natural forms. An embedded sound score made from field recordings and immediate electro-acoustic sources responds to the varied presence of people in the gallery. Triggers animate the weavings and biological forms. Some of the weavings hang vertically while others tilt off the grid or tumble onto the ground like trees felled in a storm.”

Professor Weiss recently returned from a Fulbright-Nehru Senior Research Award semester in India where she worked with master weavers to document the practice called Patola or double ikat weaving.

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