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Alexandra Martin  Doctoral Candidate

Alexandra Martin is from Madison, Wisconsin. She received her B.A from Ripon College in Global Studies with minors in Spanish and Religion and her M.S. from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in Child, Youth, and Family Studies with a minor in Anthropology. She is currently a doctoral candidate in the Global Family Health and Wellbeing Program within the Department of Child, Youth, and Family Studies at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Her research interests include international relations, complexity science, and violence. Her professional interests include mentorship and improving access to community resources and supportive services.

Summary of Research Projects

Alexandra enjoys an array of ethnographic and narrative research projects. Her dissertation research explores medical and legal professionals’ knowledge, attitudes, and practices (KAP) concerning intimate partner violence (IPV) against men to gain insight into the accessibility of supportive services in Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil. She hopes this research will help document how medical and legal professionals view and treat men who experience IPV. Recently, Alexandra has joined the INSIGHTS in Nebraska project with the Nebraska Center for Research on Children, Youth, Families, and Schools. This project focuses on a social and emotional learning and development intervention that incorporates parents, teachers, and classrooms.

Selected Publications and Presentations

Martin, A. (in press). The complexity of violence. United Kingdom: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Martin, A. (2018). The complexity of violence. PowerPoint and Panel at the 8th Conference in Rome on Turbulent Convergence of the World Complexity Science Academy, Rome, Italy.

Pitasi, A. & Martin, A. (2018) Chapter 2: Second Part of Transcriptions. In N. B. Dib, A. P. Folloni, & S. Petroccia. Development as citizenship expansion: A systemic approach to the globalizing law system. Curitiba: Íthala.

Ferone, E., Martin, A., & Petroccia, S. (2018). The tactic systemic toolkit for policy modeling and lawmaking. In N. B. Dib & S. Petroccia. The legislator’s strategic toolkit. The systemic construction of the New World Order. Italy: The Criminology, Victimology, and Security Journal.

Martin, A. (2017). Using the capacity approach to examine Brazilian male experiences of violence. Poster at the Brazilian Association of Social Psychology (ABRAPSO) XIX National Meeting, Uberlândia, Brazil.

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