Vance NelsonEducation-Social Studies

Vance Nelson
Singing in University Singers group. I would also have to include the class in Western History taught by Dr. James Olson
I taught in a public school my first year after graduation; and a church mission school in the U.S. my second year. Then, I accepted a full time position with the Nebraska State Historical Society as the Curator of the branch museum at Fort Robinson. I served in that position for twenty-one years, before moving to serve in similar capacities in eastern Nebraska and North Dakota. My career thus entailed several fields, including historic sites/museum management; and "public historian" type of work until my retirement.
My UNL education and work experiences as a student served me very well throughout my career. Many groups that I worked with commented that they could tell that I had a solid background as a "teacher-educator" in my non-traditional role as a "public historian." Throughout my career in museum and historic sites work, I advocated for recognition of teachers in "out of classroom" types of work, such as that of "museum educators," etc.
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