William Schmidt

William SchmidtHistory

Listening to elderly Dr. Sellers in his U.S. history classes share his memories of living through a lot of early 20th century historical events.
Meet up with other graduates of my high school who were attending the university.
Attending husker football games. This love of the huskers became as lifetime passion.
I taught history for four years in Nebraska and California. Sensing changes in the U.S., I decided to make a career shift and after receiving a M.A. and a Ph.D. in instruction media and technology, I became an instructional media specialist .
The research skills I received in my history classes at Nebraska prepared me well even after
moving into an entirely different field as well as in the community I have lived in for over 60 years.
Be aware of changes happening in the U.S. that may impact your choice of careers. When I attended Nebraska in the 1950s, the rate of change was very slow. In the last several decades, it has greatly accelerated. Be prepared to make changes in your career plans.
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