Target Bullying Involvement Program

Target Bullying Involvement Program(T-BIP) | An Individualized Intervention

What is the T-BIP?

The T-BIP is a FREE individualized program provided by supervised trained specialists for students ages 7 to 18 years old who are involved in bullying whether that be through victimization, perpetration, or both. The T-BIP is a one-on-one, three-hour cognitive-behavioral intervention tailored to specific student concerns. T-BIP Specialists help to uncover and address involvement in bullying as well as provide specific recommendations informed by assessments. Recommendations are aimed at stopping bullying involvement and restoring relationships.

*Parental consent and student assent are required before student participation in the T-BIP as de-identified information is used in the Target Bullying Intervention Program Research Study.

For more information about the T-BIP, please see the following handouts and materials:

T-BIP Informational Flyer T-BIP Flowchart Parent Handout Teacher Handout

Contact Us

To refer a student to the T-BIP, please contact Dr. Susan Swearer, supervising psychologist, and Ana Damme, project director.

Email: | Phone: 402-274-8853

T-BIP Interventionists: Where are they now?

Map of T-BIP Interventionists

As a high school counselor, referring a student to participate in the TBIP program was easy! A UNL student came to our school and met with my student for a few hours, sharing information that was age appropriate and relevant to her needs. Follow-up support and communication with our staff was a huge benefit. Student problem behavior decreased and time in class increased. I will use this intervention again! Rebecca Tegeler LPS School Counselor