The mission of the College of Education and Human Sciences (CEHS) Alumni Organization is to assist in creating and supporting positive experiences for students and alumni that strengthen the college and promote a sense of belonging within the CEHS community.

Alumni Organization

Our Mission

To achieve this mission, the members of the CEHS Alumni Organization board will:

  • serve as a sounding board to the Dean and College;
  • facilitate communication among students and alumni regarding College news and events;
  • establish by-laws, which will be used to sustain an organization of alumni for the College of Education and Human Sciences;
  • promote outreach approaches that allow alumni to share positive information and needs to decision-makers both at the University and State level;
  • continue to identify and implement strategies that increase alumni involvement with the College of Education and Human Sciences;
  • promote activities and events which celebrate successes of students and alumni of the College of Education and Human Sciences;
  • seek ways of connecting alumni with students in an effort to provide mentoring opportunities;
  • continue to communicate with the NU Alumni Association to serve as a link between the Association and the College of Education and Human Sciences.

The alumni of The College Education and Human Sciences have left their mark on families, schools and communities all over the world through their commitment to teaching, leadership, and research. This site is dedicated to strengthening the connections between alumni and the college.

We hope you will find the resources and information here helpful and interesting. Be sure to drop us a line and let us know where you are, what you're doing and share with us your stories about the impact your experiences in The College of Education & Human Sciences have had on your career.