Meet the Faculty and Staff

Richard Bischoff portrait picture

Richard Bischoff Gwendolyn A. Newkirk Professor of Leadership in Child, Youth and Family Studies and Department Chair

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Kelley Buchheister Assistant Professor

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Evan (Jeong-Kyun) Choi

Jeong-Kyun Choi Associate Professor

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Rochelle L Dalla portrait picture

Rochelle Dalla Professor

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Maria Rosaria de Guzman portrait picture

Maria Rosario de Guzman Associate Professor

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Dipti Dev

Dipti Dev Assistant Professor and Child Health Behaviors Extension Specialist

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Holly Hatton-Bowers

Holly Hatton-Bowers Assistant Professor and Early Childhood Extension Specialist

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Katlyn Hoggatt

Katlyn Hoggatt Lecturer

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Cody Hollist Portrait Picture

Cody Hollist Associate Professor

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Soo-Young Hong portrait picture

Soo-Young Hong Associate Professor

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Erin Chatterton

Erin Keller Lecturer

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Jennifer Leeper Miller

Jennifer Leeper Miller Director, Ruth Staples Child Development Lab

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Samuel Meisels Professor and Executive Director of the Buffett Early Childhood Institute

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Anissa Milburn Lecturer

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Victoria Molfese Interim Associate Dean for Research, Chancellor Professor and Co-Director of Early Development and Learning Lab

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Sheree M. Moser portrait picture

Sheree Moser Assistant Professor of Practice

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Gilbert Parra

Gilbert Parra Associate Professor

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Helen Raikes portrait picture

Helen Raikes Willa Cather Professor

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Allison Reisbig portrait picture

Allison Reisbig Associate Professor

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Michelle Rupiper portrait picture

Michelle Rupiper Assistant Chair and Associate Professor of Practice

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Susan Sarver Director of Workforce Planning and Development, Buffett Early Childhood Institute

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Rachel Schachter

Rachel Schachter Assistant Professor

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Paul Springer Portrait Picture

Paul Springer Associate Professor

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Julie Tippens

Julie Tippens Assistant Professor

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Julia Torquati portrait picture

Julia Torquati Professor

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Eric Unrau portrait picture

Eric Unrau Lecturer

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Mollie von Kampen

Mollie von Kampen Lead Teacher

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Natalie Williams

Natalie Williams Assistant Professor

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Yan Ruth Xia Professor

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Lainey M. Bomberger portrait picture

Lainey Bomberger Office Manager

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Kelsey Camelin

Kelsey Camelin Student Worker

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Catia Guerrero

Catia Guerrero Administrative Associate

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Lisa King portrait picture

Lisa King Staff Assistant, Great Plains IDEA Campus Coordinator

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Lisa McConnell

Lisa McConnell Office Assistant

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Vanessa Neuhaus photo

Vanessa Neuhaus Family Resource Center Coordinator

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Amanda Prokasky portrait

Amanda Prokasky Project Coordinator

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Kelsey Sims Office Associate

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