Our Departments

The College of Education and Human Sciences is a one-of-a-kind college in Nebraska comprised of seven academic departments that cross a wide range of content areas all focused on improving people's lives.

The interrelated and multidisciplinary nature of our college promotes innovative ways of looking at issues, asking questions, and seeking solutions to complex problems.

All of our departments are dedicated to enhancing the lives of individuals, families, schools, and communities and to strengthening the relationships among them.

We invite you to explore each of our departments and the programs they offer.





Educational Administration

visit department website The Educational Administration programs offer high quality experience to develop effective leaders delivered in an accessible and flexible format with plenty of personal attention.

Our faculty are experienced public school administrators, curriculum specialists, and college administrators who are dedicated to preparing you for a rewarding and fulfilling career in educational administration. Distance education is a very important part of the academic programs of our department. Most courses are now available online. We are now one of the few Research Intensive Institutions (Carnegie Classification) with a majority of doctoral course work online.

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We offer nationally recognized Masters and Doctoral Degrees in the following areas:

*K-12 Administration
*Educational Leadership
*Higher Education

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"The field of education is a dynamic and complex convergence of opportunity, diversity, intensity, change, and occasional chaos. Professional educators daily craft out the destiny of our society through the hearts and minds of the students we serve in our schools. The Department of Educational Administration at UNL is committed to the preparation of school leaders who will meet these challenges as they move successful learning organizations forward in the 21st century."

Photo of Kent Mann

Dr. Kent B. Mann
Associate Professor of Practice

Educational Psychology

visit department website Why do students choose to study in Educational Psychology at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln? In a word... Experience.

As a student in Educational Psychology, you'll find faculty who are ready to assist you in developing your talents and achieving your academic and professional goals. Our department is an eclectic mixture of nationally recognized researchers and teachers.

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Areas of Study

* Cognition, Learning and Development (CLD)
* Counseling Psychology
* Quantitative and Qualitative Psychometric Methods (QQPM)
* School Psychology

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"Students in Educational Psychology are mentored by nationally-and internationally-recognized leaders in the field. As such, our students are part of cutting-edge research and practice designed to improve our nation's schools."

Phot of Susan Swearer

Dr. Susan Swearer
Associate Professor

Child, Youth and Family Studies

visit department websiteWho has the talent to strengthen a family? Maybe its you...

The Department of Child, Youth and Family Studies can help you turn your talent into a career. Our programs on real world experience to prepare you for a people-focused career. Graduates of the department are enjoying successful careers in community agencies, childcare centers, colleges and public schools, and advocacy organizations

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Our Programs

We offer a wide variety of programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels:

* Child Development/Early Childhood Education
* Family and Consumer Sciences Education
* Inclusive Early Child Education: Birth to Grade 3
* Family Science
* Child Youth and Family Studies/ Journalism & Mass Communications

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"Students in our department are engaged in learning about families, but also in the furthering understanding of families through research. This close working relationship with professors creates a unique environment. We truly have small town feel at a major University."

Photo of Cody Holist

Dr. Cody Hollist
Assistant Professor

Nutrition and Health Sciences

visit department website The Department of Nutrition & Health Sciences is internationally recognized for its research, teaching, and outreach programs that encompass the many faces of nutrition and health. Our faculty hold several research and teaching awards, and we are committed to offering you the highest quality education.

We currently have over 800 undergraduate and 80 graduate students. Alumni of our department are enjoying great careers with food and pharmaceutical companies, research laboratories, hotels and resorts, educational systems, federal agencies, and in many health care professions.

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Bachelor degrees are offered in the following areas:

*Nutrition Science
*Hospitality, Restaurant and Tourism Management
*Culinary Science (Culinology®)
*Nutrition, Exercise and Health Science
*Athletic Training
*Pre-Physical Therapy

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"Each year we have students completing the dietetics option matched to very competitive and respected dietetic internship programs across the county.

Our graduates consistently demonstrate that they are well prepared academically to meet the demands of the dietetic internship program."

Photo of Linda Young

Linda O. Young

Special Ed and Communication Disorders

visit department website * The division of Special Education has been recognized as being in the top 5% of programs in the country by the latest U.S. News & World Report survey. Individuals in Special Education can obtain endorsement in Mild/Moderate Disabilities, Severe Disabilities, Behavioral Disorders, Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Learning Disabilities, Visual Impairments and Early Childhood Education.

* The Division of Communications Disorders offers programs both in Audiology (Au.D. and Ph.D.) and Speech-Language Pathology. The Speech-Language Pathology program is also rated in the top 5% of programs in the country. Students in these programs enjoy a balance of research and clinical practice, a diverse client load, caring faculty and staff, and a variety of clinical experiences.

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* The Department is housed in exceptional facilities. The Barkley Memorial Center is a dynamic place with faculty who enjoy international reputations for their contributions to their profession. We have financial assistance available in the form of graduate assistantships, fellowships and scholarships, which are dependent upon available funds.

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"I enjoy watching young adults develop the skills to carrying out their passion for helping other people. I've been impressed with how dedicated the ECSE graduates are to including young children with disabilities in their classrooms."

Photo of Chris Marvin

Dr. Chris Marvin
Early Child Special Ed

Textiles, Merchandising and Fashion Design

visit department website The Department of Textiles, Merchandising and Fashion Design is nationally recognized for its outstanding academic program and achievement in the field of textiles and apparel. Students in the Department of Textiles, Merchandising and Fashion Design benefit from the interdisciplinary nature of the program and facilities. The training in the department is rigorous and concentrated. A highly motivated and engaged faculty committed to undergraduate and graduate education and to research, creative and extension work provide students with a challenging academic curriculum. They offer ongoing opportunities for mentoring experiences and for individual academic advising and support.

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Concentrations within Textiles, Merchandising and Fashion Design include:

*Textile and Apparel Design
*Textile Science
*Textiles, Merchandising and Fashion Design/Communications

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"Textiles and clothing are present and function in every aspect of our lives. Textiles, Clothing and Design students graduate with an understanding of the aesthetic, cultural, economical, historical, political, scientific, and social dimensions of these items and their impact on our civilization."

Photo of Harriet McLeod

Michael F. James
Department Chair

Teaching, Learning and Teacher Education

visit department websiteThe Department of Teaching, Learning and Teacher Education is committed to the preparation and development of educators across the profession. Students in our program possess the understanding, commitment and ability to support the well being of all citizens and the education profession.

If you are a practicing educator who is ready to advance your career with graduate degree, we can offer you a customized graduate program designed to help you extend your professional knowledge and skills.

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* We offer more subject area specializations than any other post-secondary institution in Nebraska. These specializations allow us to provide 38 secondary endorsements, elementary concentrations and middle grades concentrations in elementary, middle level or secondary education.

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"Our Department is focused on exploring and preparing educators at all levels to teach and learn in the ever increasing complex global context of the 21st century."

Photo of Guy Trainin

Guy Trainin
Associate Professor