Graduate Programs

You have discovered your interests, your strengths, and your talent for teaching. A graduate degree will develop these further.

Description of Program

The Department of Teaching, Learning, and Teacher Education offers master and doctoral degrees that:

  • Engage in and with current educational research;
  • Fit individual needs;
  • Offer rich opportunities to work with highly qualified faculty members who are actively engaged in cross-disciplinary scholarship focused on schools and communities; and,
  • Challenge in breadth and depth to change and improve education for all.

For example, you might work with a professor studying the relationships between teacher content knowledge and pedagogical understandings. Or, you could work with researchers examining the changing needs of Nebraska, the United States, and other parts of the world through multiple lenses such as multi-culturalism, transnationalism, educational reform, policy implementation, second language acquisition, reading diagnosis and remediation, literacy, language, and culture, foreign language education, and instructional technologies. Or, you will find new ways to view the work of teachers, teaching, learners, and learning. Our coursework explores relationships across cultures and schooling, ethics, human well being, and education for diversity, thus fostering professional development alongside preparing people for positions of leadership in varied educational settings. Our programs grow educational leaders who can "make a difference" for the future.

Get to Know Some of Our Faculty


Get To know Some of Our Students

Below is a list of student interviews. Click on their names to hear their stories.

  • Le, an international student from China with 2 years' experience of English teaching, is now a first-year PhD student in foreign language education and second language acquisition.
  • William, certified to teach secondary English and ESL, he has spent time abroad teaching English as a foreign language in La Communidad de Madrid. He is now a PhD student studying education policy and practice, in particular as these pertain to bilingual and transnational students.
  • Laurie, a PhD student in the area of literacy education, building on 20 years of teaching experience from elementary through college levels.
  • Jennifer is a teacher and a mother with young children, bringing these experiences to bear as she earns her doctorate.
  • Rob works full-time for a local school district and takes one or two classes a semester toward his doctorate degree; an arrangement that he says has been ideal.