Elementary Education (K-6)

Elementary Education (K-6) Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

CEHS offers a nationally recognized Elementary Teacher Education Program. Students enrolled in this program earn a Bachelor of Sciences in Education with certification to teach in grades K-6. 

About the Program

The Elementary Teacher Education Program is designed to

  • Build meaningful links between your previous learning experiences and elementary learning environments
  • Enable you to build upon the knowledge gained in university classrooms by experiencing it in the elementary learning environment
  • Exemplify the relationship between theory and practice, as explained in the Scholar-Practitioner Model, by offering a series of three field experiences taken in conjunction with other education courses
  • Develop you as a cutting-edge educator in reading, writing, mathematics, science, and social studies guided by experts in the field in blending education theory, sound research practice, and practical teaching experience
  • Prepare you to confidently teach to provide educational leadership in your school and community, culminated during the student teaching semester.


  • Elementary school teacher
  • Community-based youth educator
  • Business or corporate youth educator
  • Youth coach

Application to this program

Entry to the Elementary Teacher Education Program is selective. Application requirements include:

-Formal admittance to the College of Education and Human Sciences
-A minimum of 30 credit hours completed with at least a 2.5 GPA
-Completion of (or in progress) TEAC 331 and TEAC 259 (at least one must be complete)
-Completion of EDPS 250
-Completion of 297a
-Completion of one, approved Communication Studies course
-Passing scores on all parts of the PPST
-A carefully written application essay

More complete information on your application is available online. You may also contact your Student Services Center.

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