That’s what you’ll gain here. From your first semester on campus, you’ll have the opportunity to spend time in a K-12 classroom—experience that will equip you with the skills you need to really make an impact and give you an edge after graduation. In fact, Nebraska school principals tell us that they seek out our students for teaching positions because not only do they come from a program with an excellent reputation, but they consistently show they are well prepared for the challenges of teaching. If you want to be hired first, perceived best and proven better, this is the place for you. 

Our mission statement -Preparing teachers for tomorrow's communities - embodies recognition of all students for whom we have a responsibility to serve. 

Statement of core values

In the Department of Teaching, Learning, and Teacher Education, a core aspect of what we do is to focus on teaching and learning to promote social harmony and equal access to educational opportunity. Our Department affirms the notion that teaching and learning are reciprocal human activities that equip us to think about and act in the world in all its diversity. Critical consideration of diverse perspectives is crucial for our ability to envision the world we want to live in, and then to take action to make that vision a reality, based on well-developed senses of ethics and justice. Our core values are grounded in affirming diversity, engaging with a broad array of communities based on empathetic understanding, pursuing social justice, fostering a sense of belonging, and promoting civic engagement. We therefore reject any action that, intentionally or not, contributes to the creation of a climate of fear, hostility, and suspicion of any of our community members, and we oppose harassment of all kinds.