That’s what you’ll gain here. From your first semester on campus, you’ll have the opportunity to spend time in a K-12 classroom—experience that will equip you with the skills you need to really make an impact and give you an edge after graduation. In fact, Nebraska school principals tell us that they seek out our students for teaching positions because not only do they come from a program with an excellent reputation, but they consistently show they are well prepared for the challenges of teaching. If you want to be hired first, perceived best and proven better, this is the place for you. 

Our mission statement -Preparing teachers for tomorrow's communities - embodies recognition of all students for whom we have a responsibility to serve. 

Core Values

Robust teacher preparation and life-long professional development have the power to transform the lives of individuals, families, and communities. 

By engaging students, educators, and partners in our teaching, research, outreach, and service, we enact the following values:

Knowledge and Innovation

  • We innovate curriculum, pedagogy, and scholarship to address emerging educational challenges and opportunities.
  • We engage in subject matter knowledge and deep learning across the humanities and sciences.

Diversity and Social Justice

  • We practice democratic and civic engagement to achieve social justice through collaborative and restorative practices.
  • We welcome, encourage, respect, support, and include diverse peoples and perspectives.

Ethics and Community

  • We build ethical communities with agency, empathy, care, and honesty.
  • We create and maintain partnerships with schools and communities.