Teacher Scholars Academy

Teacher Scholars Academy
Teacher Scholars Academy

THE TEACHER SCHOLARS ACADEMY will grow the next generation of diverse educators that will lead the way for educational change. The program aim is to prepare the teachers who will be the backbone of school transformation, reflective thinkers who will continue to grow and develop beyond their degree. We intend that teachers who emerge from the academy will be engaged in ways that prepare students for the future.

The University of Nebraska–Lincoln Teacher Scholars Academy will support the preparation of exceptional teacher/leaders who:

  • Are effective and confident in facilitating learning for all of Nebraska’s students.
  • Can promote learning in a variety of settings using inquiry, creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration.
  • Will become a generation of teacher leaders who will motivate schools to innovate
  • Will, in turn, create a generation of students ready to fully participate in and lead society.


  • 4 Year scholarship: 30 credits of in-state tuition
  • Up to $8,000 partial scholarship for room, board, books and fees.
  • Mentoring and specialized student support


  • Join a cohort of 40 first-year Prospective Teachers across 3 colleges and 5 departments
  • Intern in Nebraska schools and communities
  • Engage in leading-edge teaching activities
  • Participate in mentoring
  • Develop leadership skills through monthly interactive workshops
  • Give back to the education community through service learning and research
  • Cohort living during Freshman Year
  • Opportunities for Study Abroad
  • Solve real-world education problems through innovative design processes

Selection Criteria

  • High school seniors who will be incoming freshmen
  • A minimum ACT of 22, preference given to 26 or higher
  • Minimum high school GPA of 3.25, preference is given to 3.5 or higher
  • Students intending to major in a teacher education program
  • 3-5 minute personal video
  • On campus interviews


  • Maintaining cumulative 3.0 GPA
  • Meeting all Teaching program requirements
  • Complete service and research requirements
  • Participate in seminars
  • Maintain a Teaching Goal

Qualifying Majors


  • Special Education
  • Elementary Education
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Inclusive Early Childhood


  • Agriculture
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Foreign Languages
  • Business, Marketing, and Information Technology
  • Family Consumer Science
  • Music
  • Skilled and Technical Sciences
  • Special Education
  • Science
  • Social Sciences


Braden Foreman Teacher Scholars Academy Coordinator

Full Braden Foreman bio