Teacher Scholars Academy

Teacher Scholars Academy
Teacher Scholars Academy

THE TEACHER SCHOLARS ACADEMY will grow the next generation of diverse educators that will lead the way for educational change. The program aim is to prepare the teachers who will be the backbone of school transformation, reflective thinkers who will continue to grow and develop beyond their degree. We intend that teachers who emerge from the academy will be engaged in ways that prepare students for the future.

The University of Nebraska–Lincoln Teacher Scholars Academy will support the preparation of exceptional teacher/leaders who:

  • Are effective and confident in facilitating learning for all of Nebraska’s students.
  • Can promote learning in a variety of settings using inquiry, creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration.
  • Will become a generation of teacher leaders who will motivate schools to innovate
  • Will, in turn, create a generation of students ready to fully participate in and lead society.

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Application Update

Since 2019, the Teacher Scholars Academy at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln has fostered an inclusive community of future teachers, engaged with school districts and local organizations, and provided opportunities for the next generation of educators. This group of innovative scholars is a solution to the challenges currently faced by schools in Nebraska, and across the country

At this time, we are unable to recruit students for the Fall 2022 cohort of the Teacher Scholars Academy. CEHS is aggressively working to secure funding to support a sustainable future for the Academy at UNL. Preparing teachers who are effective and confident in the classroom continues to be a priority for CEHS and the Teacher Scholars Academy can play a key role in recruiting and retaining forward-thinking teachers.

If you’re interested in majoring in teaching at Nebraska, visit https://admissions.unl.edu/. For a list of teaching majors at Nebraska, visit https://admissions.unl.edu/why-nebraska/majors/.

If you’re interested in supporting the Teacher Scholars Academy at UNL, visit https://nufoundation.org/fund/01147650/.

Inquiries about the Teacher Scholars Academy can be submitted here:
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Year 1 Highlights

Students completed 360 service hours.
Student have a 3.72 average cumulative GPA.
Students believe degree will assist achieving long term goals.
Students have positive relationships with faculty, staff and peers.
Students can identify and communicate their social identities.
Students have strong desire to make an impact as an educator.
Students believe service is beneficial to surrounding communities.
Students agree that recognizing diversity is important for learning.


  • Join a cohort of prospective teachers across 3 colleges and 5 departments
  • Enroll in the Teacher Scholars Academy seminar in the first semester
  • Participate in mentoring with upper-class students and UNL Faculty
  • Connect with UNL Teacher Education Faculty in the first semester
  • Develop and enhance leadership skills
  • Cohort living other Scholars in one of University Housing’s residence halls during the first year
  • Engage in Nebraska’s communities and schools through service-learning
  • Collaborate with other Scholars to achieve learning goals and outcomes

Selection Criteria

  • High school senior who will be a first-year student
  • Demonstrated leadership and service experience
  • Intention to major in a teacher-education program
  • 5-7 minute personal YouTube video essay
  • Virtual on-campus interviews
  • Desire to learn how to be an inclusive, equitable educator


  1. Meet all teaching program requirements and courses as determined by your approved teacher preparation major and course plan, on an adequate progression timeline as determined by the Faculty and Academic Advisors
  2. Complete service and research requirements as determined by the Coordinator and Faculty
  3. Attend all workshops and learning opportunities as determined by the Coordinator and Faculty
  4. Participate in all seminars associated with the Academy as determined by the Coordinator and Faculty; register for Teacher Scholars Academy section of EDPS 097 for 0 credit hours during New Student Enrollment

Qualifying Majors


  • Special Education
  • Elementary Education
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Inclusive Early Childhood


  • Agriculture
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Foreign Languages
  • Business, Marketing, and Information Technology
  • Family Consumer Science
  • Music
  • Skilled and Technical Sciences
  • Special Education
  • Science
  • Social Sciences

Husker Student POWER

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Braden Foreman Teachers Scholars Academy Coordinator

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