Research & Support in CEHS

CEHS is fully committed to supporting research, scholarship and creative activity that advances our collective genius across three grand visions: thriving young children, comprehensive health and well-being, and strong communities. Please visit the links below for updated CEHS research procedure documents.

CEHS Proposal Development Guidelines

Standard Operating Procedures for CEHS Research

The CEHS Grant Specialists assist faculty with obtaining funding for research projects both internally and externally to UNL. The Grant Specialists help faculty with the grant proposal preparation and submission process and with monitoring awards. The Grant Specialists can provide assistance with:

  • Assisting with budget preparation and drafting justification
  • Monitoring awards to ensure compliance with applicable laws and sponsor guidelines, and
  • Assisting with the management of budgets, expenses and personnel appointments

Grant Proposal Process

CEHS Grant Specialists are excellent resources for budget preparation, with knowledge about adequate funds for proposed research along with allowability of proposed costs, ensuring that no matching obligations are included when not required. Adequate time is required for proper pre-award reviewing so faculty are strongly encouraged to contact the appropriate Grant Specialist early in the grant application process.


Research Staff

Jonathan Carlson

Jonathan Carlson Grants Specialist - Lead

Nazia Hina Finance/Grants Specialist

Julie Gillmor Proposal Development Coordinator

Braxton Lindhorst

Braxton Lindhorst Grants Specialist


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CEHS is committed to assisting faculty in developing their scholarship and professional lives. CEHS strives to provide support in the form of ongoing professional development to insure long term plans for professional success. Tenure track faculty, research faculty and professors of practice are encouraged to apply for and participate in these professional development programs.

New Faculty Orientation (NFO)

During the first year in CEHS at UNL, you will be engaged in a yearlong program to promote your success within the academy.

You will meet with faculty, peers and mentors to cover the following topics:

  • Establishing and understanding the academic community
  • Teaching in the academy
  • Research in the academy
  • Outreach in the academy
  • UNL and CEHS: Who we are and what we do
  • Faculty governance and academic freedom

Upon completion of the program with 80% attendance, faculty will receive funds for professional travel.

More information is available from program leaders Mary Ann Johnson or Nick Pace.


Internal Grants

Research Activities
CEHS Student Professional Development Grant Program

The objective of the CEHS Student Professional Development Grant Program is to promote the professional growth of CEHS graduate and undergraduate students. Grants awarded through this program provide funds for graduate and undergraduate students to participate in a professional meeting, conference, or other training or professional development experience.

Technology Innovation Projects

Student technology fees are intended to enhance student learning and the student experience.  The CEHS Technology Committee is allocating a portion of the student technology fees received by the College to support innovative projects that advance how we think about and use technology in this context.  The committee is particularly looking for projects that:

1)   are designed primarily to benefit to students’ learning experiences,
2)   provide an opportunity for the College to learn about the application of technology, and
3)   are replicable and have the potential to be adopted on a wider scale if effective.

Internal Funding Opportunities

Internal funds are available from the Office of Research and from the Research Council to support research, scholarship and creative activities through annual university-wide competitions. Applications for internal funding are submitted via the Internal Competitions module in NUgrant.

Graduate Travel Awards Program (GTAP)

The GTAP facilitates and promotes the intellectual and professional development of graduate students at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and contributes to the strengthening of the University and its increased prominence in the greater scholarly community.

Research Support

The Nebraska Center for Research on Children, Youth, Families and Schools (CYFS)

CYFS offers complimentary services from start to finish as you conceptualize, develop, submit and manage your grant. You'll also have access to additional services, including web, technology and communications support; database management; and statistical analysis.

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Nebraska Evaluation and Research (NEAR)

The Nebraska Evaluation and Research (NEAR) Center's purpose is to promote sound statistical, measurement, and research (e.g., Quantitative, Qualitative, and Mixed Methods) methodology. In addition the Center serves as a hands-on training program for graduate students in the Quantitative, Qualitative, & Psychometric Methods (QQPM) program.

Pixel Lab

The Pixel Lab is a full service design, print, photography and videography center that resides within CEHS. There are numerous products and services available to researchers, including printing of large-format and fabric research posters. To view the Pixel Lab’s price list, and download a free template for research posters, visit

Find a Researcher

The CYFS Research Network is a hub that sparks collaboration and discovery. This dynamic tool is designed to foster connections among Nebraska researchers in the social, behavioral and educational sciences — and to share their life-changing work.