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Our office is open to walk-ins from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. You can also call 402-472-2258 to reach our front desk during business hours.

To place an order online, please use the form below or email us at pixel-lab@unl.edu. We will do our best to work with you and meet your deadline.

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Looking for a custom size or another material? Use our price estimator to calculate the cost of your large-format print. For all other products, see our price list or contact us for a custom estimate.



Poster Templates

The Pixel Lab offers FREE downloadable templates for research posters. You can choose from two different designs, each with multiple different sizes for both Adobe InDesign or Microsoft PowerPoint.

Click on the link to download a zip file of the template. The zip file includes the InDesign or PowerPoint file, links/images in the file, and an example PDF of what the poster should look like. For assistance or other tips using these templates, please contact us!

Project Request

The Pixel Lab also offers graphic design, photography, web and video services. To initiate a project, please submit a request.

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Pixel Lab Staff

Dan Hartig

Dan Hartig Video Producer

Teri Kaluza

Teri Kaluza Customer Service Associate

Dave Merriman

Dave Merriman Web Developer

Loren Rye Print/Photography Specialist

Kelcey Buck

Kelcey Buck Associate Director of Strategic Communications