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Bring your PDF files in anytime during business hours! We welcome walk-ins. If you are printing a poster, please allow at least 1-3 days for turnaround time.

You can also email us your print-ready PDF files along with a Project Request Form. Make sure you've filled out the top section of the form and included your project details in the notes section.

If your PDF file is too large to attach, submit the file to us below, and email the Project Request Form separately. We won't print your files until we receive your email.

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Research Posters

Click on the links below to download the corresponding template for a research poster. You can choose from three different sizes for either Adobe InDesign or Microsoft PowerPoint. When you click on the link a zip file will be downloaded. This zip file includes: the InDesign or PowerPoint file, links or images that were included in the file, and an example PDF of what the poster should look like. For help and other tips when using these templates you can call or drop by the Pixel Lab.

**The 39" x 29" Poster can be scaled up to 48" x 36" at the time of printing if requested.


Color and Large Format Printing

How long does it take to print a poster after the design is finalized?

It's best to allow for 7-10 days if you are preparing a file for a poster session or conference since our volume of work is significantly higher before events. Most of the year, the production turnaround is much faster—usually 1-3 days. Please be respectful of our turnaround times, and we will do our best to accomodate you!

What file formats are supported?

PDFs are best. By saving your file as a PDF, you avoid many font and graphic errors. If you have other formats, such as psd, jpg, ai, or eps, please contact us.

NOTE: All files submitted are considered final. You will be responsible for any revisions or reprints after the initial submission.

How do I supply a printer-friendly file?

  • Save the document as PDF, if possible.
  • If sending the original file, include graphics and fonts.
  • For best results, no matter what software you use, create your file at the size you would like it to print.
  • Make sure any photos or graphics are set at 150-300 pixels per inch (ppi). If you are not sure about the resolution, we can check your file.
  • To send files larger than 5MB, we recommend uploading them to UNL Box (box.unl.edu) and then emailing the Box link to pixel-lab@unl.edu. Also include your job specifications such as due date; print, laminate and/or mount; due date; billing information such as cost object or payment method; contact information; etc.

Software-specific Tips:

  • Illustrator: Convert text to outlines or PDF
  • Photoshop: Flatten image or PDF, 200-300 ppi at actual printed size
  • InDesign: Export as Print-quality PDF or package with all fonts and links

Graphic Design

Arrange a meeting with our graphic designer to discuss your communication goals, text (copy) photos, graphics, budget and timeline. We can work with you to create brochures, posters, infographics, event logos, postcards, flyers, programs, handouts, tickets and much more. You will be provided a proof(s) before final printing. Please proofread carefully as you take final responsibility for accuracy and payment.

What about web and social media?

We can design graphics for digital/online use and for posting on social media. We can also work with you to design your web pages.


Photography is offered by appointment during office hours Mon.-Fri, 8am-5pm. CEHS projects are given priority. Both studio and location shots are available.


Video Production (CEHS Only)

What production services do you offer?

  • Studio and location shots in digital HD format
  • Digital non-linear editing
  • Production design and video graphics
  • Royalty-free music selection
  • Compression of audio/video for digital and web use.

Can you duplicate my audio/video?

Yes, we can duplicate between a variety of formats: DVD, Mini-DV, CD, etc. (VHS is available at Love Library.)

Can you convert my audio/video to different formats?

Yes, we can convert to most of the common Mac and Windows formats.

How should I prepare for my video project?

  • Contact videographer to check availability and reserve date and time.
  • Involve videographer and copywriter (if available) in stakeholder planning meeting.
  • Determine/specify audience. (Example: peers, faculty, students, archiving, general public, donors, etc.)
  • Specify goals and objectives for video. (Example: a learning outcome, a response, behavior change, communication, fundraising, etc.)
  • Plan to keep message clear and concise to make the video more engaging and the process more efficient.
  • Create a basic script, storyboard and schedule.
  • Have image release and copyright forms filled out and endorsed.
  • Determine location of video shoot and coordinate details such as parking, any special location access or permissions, contact information, and etc.
  • Contact videographer throughout process, especially as video shoot nears to confirm all details and logistics.

Pixel Lab Staff

Teri Kaluza

Teri Kaluza Customer Service Associate


Mary Thompson Graphic Designer

Loren Rye Large Format & Digital Printer

Emily Slattery Project Associate

Dan Hartig

Dan Hartig A/V Producer