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CEHS offers a variety of programs to choose from that will provide an excellent pathway if you're interested in a health career. Earn your bachelor's degree while completing the prerequisite courses required for acceptance to health schools. You’ll develop an understanding of your designated field and prepare academically for the health school of your choice following your time at Nebraska.

Undergraduate Health Programs in CEHS

Nutrition, Exercise and Health Sciences

Designed for those interested in planning, conducting, and managing health-related fitness and wellness programs in a variety of settings. This program focuses on nutrition, exercise, fitness, and health and includes several important biology and chemistry courses. Students will have the flexibility to add additional coursework that interests them through the required elective credit hours.

Popular Health Careers: Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Physician Assistant, Athletic Trainer, Chiropractor, Nurse, Registered Dietitian

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Nutrition Science

Intensively study the biological and physical sciences as a basis for understanding the science of nutrition. This program includes a significant amount of science coursework in biology, chemistry and physics. Students will have the flexibility to add additional coursework that interests them through the required elective credit hours. Students in this program are generally interested in advancing their education to health schools or graduate programs as it is not intended to enter the workforce upon completion of this program.

Popular Health Careers: Doctor, Dentist, Physician Assistant, Pharmacist, Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Nurse, Registered Dietitian

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Community Health and Wellness

Graduates are prepared to promote healthy lifestyles and enhance the quality of life for individuals and communities. Coursework features communication and social science subjects like psychology, sociology with less emphasis on physical sciences. With less biology and chemistry coursework, this program is more focused on nutrition education and public health. Once completed, students can sit for the Certified Health Education Specialist exam.

Popular Health Careers: Nurse, Registered Dietitian, attending public health graduate programs

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Communication Sciences and Disorders

The Communication Sciences and Disorders program at Nebraska lays the groundwork for a career working with people across the lifespan who have communication difficulties. Undergraduate coursework will prepare you for professional study at the graduate level in speech-language pathology or audiology. As a student in the communication sciences and disorders program, you can choose from two emphasis areas: Audiology, which will prepare you for professional study at the Au.D. or Ph.D. level in audiology, or Speech-Language Pathology, which will prepare you for professional study at the master’s level in speech-language pathology.

Popular Health Careers: Speech-Language Pathologist, Audiologist, Health Assistant

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Human Development and Family Science

A comprehensive program grounded in family science theory, research, and professional practice and application for individuals to work with children and families. This program is the most flexible in CEHS, with an abundance of elective credits students can use to take necessary and required prerequisite courses for the health area of their choice.

Popular Health Careers: Family Support Specialist, Youth Care Specialist, Foster Care Specialist, Extension Educator, graduate school program, any health program/school of interest

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The CEHS Advantage

Graduate in four years

Studying for a career in healthcare requires extensive planning and CEHS academic advisors are here to ensure you can graduate in four years. All health programs in CEHS are designed to be completed in four years.

Gain an understanding of the connection between nutrition, health, and the human body

Having an advanced understanding of the body, how it works, and the role that nutrition plays in our health provides a solid foundation on which you will continue to build in your specific health field or program.

Meet health school prerequisites

CEHS programs align extremely well with many of the prerequisites that health schools require. Instead of worrying about having the time to take necessary prerequisites on top of your other major-specific courses, many of these classes are built directly into CEHS programs.

Pave the way for your career in healthcare

CEHS health programs are an excellent option for satisfying pre-health requirements for admission to professional health schools.

Cameron Hucke

Current graduate student in clinical nutrition

“I was unsure of the path I wanted to take. I started as a nutrition sciences major and quickly realized I wanted to become a registered dietitian, as I thoroughly enjoyed the nutrition classes I was taking.”

Clare Morehouse

Current doctor of physical therapy student

"I loved the opportunity to take both exercise and nutrition courses in preparation for a career in the health care field. I believe it is very important to have foundational knowledge on these topics in order to provide the best care to patients."

Shelby Kruse

Current optometrist

“One of the aspects of my time as a CEHS student I’ve taken with me are the connections I formed with so many other, now healthcare professionals.”


Not sure which major is for you?

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The Explore Center works with students who want to study pre-health but are not sure which major to choose from. Academic advisors can help you explore different majors and programs, select appropriate classes, and help you find the right academic fit for your career goals. The Explore Center also hosts a number of pre-health workshops and events each semester that are designed to give pre-health students more knowledge and awareness within the industry.

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