The CEHS Business Center is here to serve and support you. Please refer to the tabs below for a variety of resources including forms, letter templates, links, human resources information, policies, travel information and more. If you have questions, please contact one of our Business Team members below.

Business Team

Dori Smidt Chief Business Officer and Assistant Dean for Business Operations


Carrie A. Brownyard Finance Coordinator

Jonathan Carlson

Jonathan Carlson Grants Specialist - Lead

Spencer Hall Finance/Grants Specialist

Tammie Herrington Human Resources Specialist

Mary Miesbach Payroll Coordinator

Yadah Mukendi Muamba Finance Coordinator

Erin Stoddard Finance Specialist

Human Resources


Research Office

The CEHS Research Office can provide you with support as you write grants. Our site will provide you with helpful information and resources.

Money Monday

“Money Monday” will happen every first Monday of the month at 11:30. This is a 30 minute zoom conversation where the business team will discuss a topic and take questions about any financial/HR issue. The zoom links are included below along with any other documents that we feel are helpful. If you have topics you would like to see discussed in a Money Monday, please email to Dori Smidt (

Summer Payments March 6, 2023

SAP Index Dec 5, 2022

Ways to Pay Expenses

CEHS Cash Handling and Financial Processes Update Meeting Recording 4/5/2022

Click on the following link and login to the see the document.
Ways to Pay Expenses