Milestones and Momentum

CEHS Milestones and Momentum We are Nebraska

Addressing Challenges Workforce Development Impactful Research

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More than 3,100 students (2,295 undergraduate, 854 graduate)
Representing 76 counties across Nebraska
25% identify as first-generation

No matter what career I choose, my dream is to be in a profession that I am really passionate about and can share that passion with others.

Andre Nguyen - Lincoln, Nebraska
Nutrition, Exercise and Health Sciences

Addressing Challenges facing Nebraskans

The diversity of programming enables CEHS to help people throughout the lifespan, in areas that matter most to Nebraska, and beyond.

Workforce Development in Action

CEHS is preparing the educators, health providers, entrepreneurs, and professionals that Nebraska urgently needs.

teachers graduate
from CEHS each year, more than any other institution in the state
in 94 countries across the globe

UNL does its best to set up graduates for success so they have the solid foundation needed to excel in clubs, restaurants, hotels, tourism, events, and human resources. That means we can work literally anywhere and in any industry.

James Doyle - Belleville Kansas
Hospitality, Restaurant and Tourism Management

Impactful Research and Creative Activity

In FY23, CEHS scholars set records for sponsored program awards and research expenditures.