Inclusive Culture. Passionate Community.

Inclusive Culture. Passionate Community.

CEHS is called “The People’s College” for a reason. We pride ourselves on our people. From classes to student organizations and college events, you will connect with people from different backgrounds and diverse perspectives, who share your passion for making a difference.

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Find Your Community: CEHS Cares

In CEHS, you’ll find a community of people who are eager to help you align your passions with our efforts to enhance the lives of individuals, families, schools and communities. Students, faculty and staff in the college genuinely care about the success of their peers and find unique and innovative ways to support one another.

Make a Difference in The People’s College

Students, faculty and staff in the College of Education and Human Sciences are passionate about working together to help people. Whether it’s supporting fellow students on campus or finding ways to stay connected during a pandemic, CEHS students are making a difference in their community.

We're here to help you shape your future
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Connect friendships to your future

As a student in the College of Education and Human Sciences you will have a number of opportunities to network with others who share your interests and create professional relationships that last past graduation.

CEHS is Global

Studying abroad is a great way to expand your mind. CEHS is serious about making opportunities available for you to experience new cultures. With our Ready/Set/Go seminar, we’ll even provide you with a $1,000 scholarship to support your CEHS global experience through the Ready/Set/Go Program.

We're here to help you shape your future
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Build Connections in a Real-World Setting

Obtaining an internship is a great way to develop your social skills, learn how to work on a team, and build a network of contacts who can help you land a job. CEHS students have completed internships as youth coordinators at the Lincoln YMCA, health coaches at Bryan LifePointe, and special event staff at the Cornhusker Marriott Hotel.

Live, Learn & Connect through Learning Communities

The College of Education and Human Sciences is home two learning communities in which students with shared academic interests live on the same residence hall floor, learn together, have a peer mentor and more. In addition, the Teacher Scholars Academy is a unique honors academy for education majors that is designed to directly target Nebraska’s teacher shortage.

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