Welcome to BEE Lab!

The Brain, Emotion, and Education (BEE) Lab is affiliated with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Department of Educational Psychology. We broadly aim to investigate how individuals show emotional and neurobiological (or other behavioral) responses to stress and how individuals improve to manage emotional symptoms of stress (e.g., depressed mood, anxiety, aggression). To achieve these missions, we typically use neurobiological approach (e.g., neuroimaging techniques, enzyme-linked immunoassay) and socio-psychological approach.

At the BEE Lab, we value diversity. Faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students utilize unique, diverse cultural and academic backgrounds to collaborate on common research goals. Furthermore, we are always eager to work with diverse experts and partners outside the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

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Brain, Emotion, and Education Lab
Director: Hideo Suzuki, Ph.D.
230 Teachers College Hall
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Lincoln, NE 68588-0345, United States